How to build a PR campaign from scratch

How to build a PR campaign from scratch Adeo

How to build a PR campaign from scratch

A public relations campaign is a process your business undergoes, which lets it flourish and eventually reach a larger target audience quicker and easier. It is how you as a brand or a company interact with your customers, online publications, journalists or the public in general. Media coverage gives your brand not only popularity amongst your clients but also an endorsement which eventually convinces them to visit your website and view your products/services online.

Consequently, like any other business activity, PR plan needs a strategy.

Will investing a plus-sized chunk of your budget in PR campaign be worth it? Definitely! We generate and organise innovative and visionary ideas for our clients that boost not only their business, but also make their brand prominently unique in its field! For this, you need to present your product or service in a way that’s different from what your customers usually see or observe.

You’re not alone because we’re here to assist you to help people view your product from a completely different lens.

Set an objective.

It is important to have a goal in your head before you proceed further. What do you want to achieve for your business? Do you want it to have a specific reputation? Need acceptance for a new packaging or style? What type of audience do you want to target? Knowing your target audience will help you decide what kind of message and tone should your campaign have. When you’ve set an objective for your public relations campaign, it will automatically give you an idea for the message you want to convey or the picture you want to portray through it.

Be creative!

Your story has to be gripping and attractive. You can make it serious and thought-provoking or exquisite and spell-binding or even funny and exciting! Being creative will make you stand out amongst your competitors. Your standard of creativity is what your customers find creative. This element of creativity is crucial as it adds to the engagement and shareability of the campaign. So look at your PR campaign from the perspective of your target audience.

Where to publish?

The story you want to plan on would be great if it’s something about breaking the norm and something that journalists are already interested in. It is important to work on your PR plan as a PR plan not as an advertisement. Your press release has to be appealing and catchy, well it must not look like a PR stunt as it will put the journalists off! You don’t even need a press release, simply a page on your website introducing them to the campaign and providing information on it, seems way more trendy! Include reviews and quotes from relevant people that may encourage the journalist to cover your story. The key is to discover your story’s newsworthy angle.

How to distribute?

It is important to distribute your story to those publications that often write about the area you are concerned with. But don’t just choose any of them, first researching about them is vital here. Ask yourself, would this journalist include your product in his/her article? If yes, then well and good. If no, then why not? Do you meet their criteria? Distributing to right journalists is powerful because how your brand will be perceived by the public in future, now partially depends on it.

After the campaign, calculate and evaluate the results

Your PR campaign will only prove to be useful once you know how to measure and assess the success rate of it. It is important to look into and evaluate the coverage you got from print media, TV, social media and Radio, whichever platform(s) you chose to work on. Study the response from audience, slowly you’ll know your weaknesses and strengths. Keep updating your goals as you change your PR plans.

4 important simple ways of an effective PR campaign

4 important simple ways of an effective PR campaign

Link building: the fruits of PR plan.

To increase traffic on your site, links play a pivotal role. To attain a link on another website will allow their users to have direct access to your website. Securing a link there will help you build a community of other businesses that have confidence in you and eventually result in healthy public relations. Google search is based entirely on links! SEO plays an important role too, it is a way to convince websites that its in their audience’s benefit to have your link on their website. These links are considered to be a vote of confidence by another website that trusts you. PR campaign does it for you and moves your website towards better ranking.

So just hang in there, let Adeo Group help you with PR campaign and SEO Services Get in touch today!

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