How to Choose The Right Web Design Agency

choosing a web design agencyIf you’re planning a redesign of your website or looking to build a website from scratch, deciding which website agency is right for your business can seem like a difficult decision.

With seemingly endless competitors out there, it’s tricky to know just who to believe when it comes to big talk and quoted successes, and how to sift out the professionals from the inexperienced, or even scam, companies around.

A website redesign or redevelopment can be a costly project, and mismanagement of any project milestone can have disastrous financial implications for your business. Getting a low price doesn’t always mean you’ve nabbed a good deal. Instead taking a measured outlook and assessing the serious long-term value of agency quotes and tariffs proves more lucrative in the long haul.

Give Your Online Presence an Overhaul

Whether you’re a new business or a business looking to re-brand, chances are you’re looking to stick it out with your new website for a couple of years at the minimum. It can be tempting to get caught up in of-the-moment trends, but it pays to remain understated and credible when deciding on the online face of your business.

Your home and category pages will be the first thing that visitors see when they arrive to your site. Make sure your web design has been crafted by a digital agency that understands the user experience, with superior content and design, tailor-made to engage and capture customers and improve conversion.

Don’t Be Fooled By Jargon

It’s easy for digital agencies to talk the talk, especially in a world filled with computer jargon and buzzwords but when it comes to ensuring your website is fully optimized and beautifully executed, many companies fall a long way short of their initial promises. When it comes to deciding on the perfect partner to turn your online ambitions into reality, it pays to remember a few key tips of the trade to score the perfect design partner and ideal candidate for the job. These tips are described below:

1. Choose a Design Agency Who Understands Customers and Conversions

It can be easy to spend a lot of time on the superficial polish of your website design project, but there’s more important things to worry about if you’re in the business of Ecommerce or retail.

Ensuring your website is fully optimized and accessible for potential customers is pivotal to guarantee conversions and click-through rates, nurturing repeat customers and returning business. Not every design and web agency have experience in providing site design and development for retail, so make sure you’re new digital partner has a successful track record of taking retail clients to the top.

A good digital agency should be able to combine a sleek and stylish aesthetic with conversion-friendly elements to turn your website into a success story. If you’re serious about making big online profits with an Ecommerce opportunity, make sure your website is open for development and analysis, ensuring you can monitor and track the performance of your site and conversion elements. Any successful pitch from a website design agency will lay out the key features of benefits of going in any given design direction, detailing previous examples and documented successes to state their case.

2. Online Authority and Agency History

The growth of online business has seen as explosion in the amount of web design agencies on the scene. Although newer firms can promise the moon, the best track for success is to go with established names, complete with a long list of happy customers. When scouting around for potential agencies, look into their background. See when they were founded and began trading, identify any previous portfolio and business milestones, and glean an overall impression of just how reputable and respected each agency is. If you are in doubt, ask them yourself. It should be clear who has experience in what you need and who is all bravado.

You should be wary of agencies with less than one year of industry experience. If you’re serious about a successful redesign and marketing initiative, you’ll want to see the sustained and long-term, lasting success stories an agency’s case studies should be packed with. Younger agencies simply won’t be able to demonstrate this experience, and should be tried only with smaller-scale projects with less investment risk.

3. Be Wary of Online Reviews

Following on from the previous point you should also be aware of the rise in online reputation management businesses which provide payment for positive reviews and feedback on brands and businesses. Even for an agency that’s been around for less than 24 months, there could be thousands of client reviews and testimonials online with glowing indictments of performance, however some of these may not as transparent as you are led believe.

The good thing about web design is that the product is generally there for you to see and use first hand, and any trustworthy agency will be able to provide links to the websites built by their design and development teams.

4. Choose a Web Design Agency With Long Standing Clients

A web design agency which has worked with the same clients for many years can be particularly important for those looking to start an Ecommerce or highly developed site which needs continuous maintenance and evolution.

A web design agency which can provide examples of having worked with clients for many years and is able to provide you with examples of redesigns, alterations and upgrades they have made to existing websites can be a good indicator that they have the experience required to properly build and maintain your site.

5. Consider Which Areas of Design, Digital and Development Does the Agency Offer

In today’s world, a good design agency should be able to offer a comprehensive range of design, development and marketing services. If you have a specific list of requirements then find out what the agency’s proficiency is in each area.

It can be useful to find out if the work will be done in house or outsourced, and the contact that you would have with any outsourced agents.

6. Does the Agency Code to Best Coding Standards?

Finally, it is important that your website is developed to best practice to ensure that it ticks all of the boxes required for DDA compliance, and W3C guidelines. Good coding will also ensure your website works across a range of browsers and devices. When assessing a digital agency ask what their process is for testing work.

Professional Web Design Experts for Your Project

Misguided management of relatively simple tasks and design needs can potentially cost companies unnecessarily. At Adeo Group, we offer responsive in-house solutions to offer multi faceted website design services to a range of clients worldwide.

Founded in 2004, Adeo quickly emerged as a go-to for innovative internet marketing strategies and dynamic website design. We’re industry experts in pioneering online design for eCommerce sites platforms and retail, offering cutting-edge digital platforms and CMS designs to help revolutionize all manner of business models. From small business, to global brands and corporations, we offer industry-leading responses to website design and online marketing, tailor-made to take your brand to the top.

If you are looking for web design in Glasgow, London, Newcastle or Dubai why not contact our team today? You can reach us via our contact form or email us


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