How to Convert Website Traffic into Leads

How To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads (2)

Are you tired of your website being like stagnant water: not moving or generating any sales? Does the worry of failure scare you? Does it exhaust you to have the same questions popping up in your brain over and over again? Like, “What step did I miss in creating a top-notch website?” or “How do I convert website visitors into leads?”. If the answer to any of these is yes, then you need to know about website traffic conversion.

Let’s take a look at the common questions we get asked and how you can make sure your website is converting and getting you business leads.

Why is the website not converting?

Having a page, with either the bare minimum of information isn’t great, nor is having a lot of information jumbled up. Either of these will prevent the website from gaining any traffic conversion. If the website has no colours, or a proper theme, and no ways to connect; then the visitor might not be interested in visiting the website and engaging with its services.

Why is website traffic so vital for leads?

Website traffic refers to the number of visitors visiting a website and gives a statistic of how accessible people or web users are finding the website to be. Often, despite having huge website traffic, the business fails to grow at a pace that was initially predicted. This domino effect often serves as a major slip-up reversing all the previous steps taken to build and strengthen a website.

Why are leads such a big deal?

This may be an obvious one, but leads, by contrast, refer to the web users who not only visit a website but also look into the content of the website, assess it, and the available services being provided by the company.

How can I convert website visitors into leads?

It’s not rocket science to convert website visitors into leads. However, this process might require some simple yet, vital steps as outlined below:

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion optimization is a phenomenon whereby the website traffic or the visitors are converted into website leads. This serves as a crucial part of growing your website since it expands the percentage of visitors into leads. Basically, it converts website traffic into leads.

Improving Call To Action

The type of promotion or advertisement that a website has that compels visitors to look into the available services is called a CTA or Call To Action. Using innovative phrases significantly does the task. For example, adding phrases like “Buy now” or “Contact us today” at the end of informative pieces like blogs, reminds potential customers of why they are on your website and the next steps they need to take to in order to purchase or engage with your business.

Optimise Website Page Speed On Mobile and Desktop

In this modern age, it’s not just about your website performing well on a desktop, it’s how well your site performs on the move on tablets and mobile phones. If your website is lagging or glitching, it can annoy potential customers and push them to find a competitor website. One way to prevent that from happening is by optimising the website page speed on mobile and desktop. This step surely converts website traffic into leads.

Determining The Lead Audience

Not everyone who comes to your website needs or plans to get something. In fact, some of these users could just be bots. Having proper statistics on the type of people who usually interact and or are interested in your services can help in determining the lead audience, who in turn can influence website traffic to gain conversion rates. The layout and information on the website should be designed according to the lead audience. Once the information is tailored to your audience, this will help you gain leads. Simple!

Lead Generation in E-Commerce Sales

Lead generation in e-commerce sales is made up of the leads who are prone to take action on your website. PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a way to do that. PPC refers to a form of advertisement where you pay other websites if their users click and reach your website. This increases the reach of your website.

SEO Organic Campaign

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation includes certain techniques in which you can increase the changes of your website appearing higher in search engine rankings. An organic SEO campaign would identify the most used keywords pertaining to your business, improve the content on your website, and can include creating relevant blog content using the identified keywords.

Social Media Organic and Paid

We all know that social media channels can increase the chances of interested people approaching your website. Having relevant content on your channels can raise brand awareness, however, there are other paid-for approaches that can increase your audience reach. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have the option of creating advertisements that can play a significant role in attracting new customers. By identifying and building audiences, creating tailored content, and earmarking budget – social media advertising is a great way of getting the word out fast.

Content Optimisation

This can help in choosing the best and easily understandable content for marketing. The key to sales conversion is to provide accurate and prominent details in order to contact your business, receive users’ information so you have your audience identified, respond timely to customers, and give visitors an option to register on your site or to download content directly from your website.

So what’s next?

Although this blog provides insight why website traffic conversions are so important, the digital media landscape is flooded with information and service providers with the best ways to attract audiences and keep them as regular customers. Not only can it be overwhelming, it creates and increases the competition, making it difficult to keep the audience engaged, and in turn decreases the website traffic which can lead to a drop in conversion rates.

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- Conor Graham, Ecommerce Manager, Eden Mill

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