How to create powerful ‘About Us’ page?

shutterstock_85329559When the majority of site owners finally get around to adding an ‘About Us’ page to their website, it usually comes across as being more of an afterthought rather than a proactive part of their website intended to purposefully generate leads and customers. This is a tremendous pity as a powerfully created ‘About Us’ page with a compelling narrative and savy marketing can be one of the most effective pages on any website. By following the key principles below, you can create an effective ‘About Us’ page that will stand out from the competition and give a large boost of sales and subscribers you are currently receiving on a monthly basis!

Tell Your Brand Story

When going online to purchase either a product or a service, most consumers find themselves overwhelmed with choice. When faced with deciding which website to buy from, the consumer will nearly always buy from the person they trust the most, even if their prices are a little higher. Your ‘About Us’ page is the perfect place to build trust and empathy with your target audience so that you’re not just a run of the mill company but are instead a site which they feel like they know personally.
Giving a detailed account about your business, its formation and philosophy can be very powerful. Your personal story accompanied by some photos can make this even more effective. Some extremely successful web businesses have been built on the back of a powerful ‘About Us’ page story, the most notable example being Aaron Wall’s famous About Us page on his SEO book site which played a pivotal role in him dominating that niche. You should strive to do the same by spending a little time making it a personal and meaningful page and not just an afterthought.

Add A Call To Action And Test

While it is incredibly important to use your ‘About Us’ page to convey a story and message about your brand and products, it is also vital that your direct visitors to the page to take a certain action. The most advisable of these is to sign up for your list by entering their name and email in return for a free e-Course, frequent newsletter or discount coupon. When visiting this type of page, which doesn’t appear to be particularly promotional, visitors are normally very receptive to subtle marketing. Encouraging sign-ups on your ‘About Us’ page by embedding in a sign-up form in the middle and bottom parts of the page can lead to your subscriber database quickly increasing. Aim to test different sign-up elements to optimise conversion your conversion rate of visitors-to-subscribers.

Why is it important to create an efficient ‘About us’ page?

Your ‘About Us’ page is prime virtual real estate and should not be a half-hearted addition to your site. Follow the tips above and you will be able to create a very effective ‘About Us’ landing page that differentiates you from the competition!


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