How to Improve Landing Page conversions with Video Content


How to Improve Landing Page conversions with Video Content

How to Improve Landing Page conversions with Video Content

Importance of Video Content in Generating Leads

Video content is known for it’s effortless and intriguing nature in capturing the attention of the visitor. Importance of Video Content is critical because there is a higher chance of people watching the content than reading the whole page. According to various studies and indices increasing  Landing Page Conversion with Video Content is the viable practice in accelerating leads, opted by many influential companies. In order to keep the content interesting, it is infused with great Video Content ideas. Another factor that underscored the importance of landing page video content is it’s time effective; intro videos which takes seconds to sketch the overview of the company, which is impossible by any other means.

What can you do to optimise landing page video content:

After establishing the fact that video content is important in seeing fast conversion rates, the question companies are confronted with is “how to Optimize Video Content”. For this purpose, there is a list of do’s and don’ts that you as an online business owner should keep in mind. Video content Optimization must address the bottlenecks that are halting the real potential of the video content. Often the ill-mix of content, long time and high loading time render a video ineffective.

Optimize landing page video content

optimize landing page video content

Here is a quick summary of do’s and don’ts that will increase the efficacy of your videos;

1- What To Add And What Not To Add;

Often companies use video content for the fluff and secondary, irrelevant information. This must not be the case; as visitors visit your site to get a quick overview, which must be the whole idea of video content. Knowing which items are aligning with a preliminary introduction is important. Keep the content terse and clear. The relevance of video content is one of the most important factors in generating video conversions.


2- Define Your Goal; where you want to be;

What is it that you want the customer to do after watching your video? The content material and the projection of video must answer this prime question. Whether it is that you want the viewer to buy the product, or move to another page, there must be a well-defined goal. Call to action on the desired page is necessary for effective video conversions.


3- Visibility is everything;

The placement of the video is also very important in maintaining its impact. The web developers must place it to the visible area without scrolling down. The façade of the landing page must contain the video. It should be aligned in a way that it appears right in front of the face and ideally, the video should be the first thing your user must see when visiting your website/web page.


4- A Strong CTA will always pay you back;

Call to action is monumental for a great landing page. Your video must be infused with a CTA that keep the goal of the video intact. These call to action words could be “contact us now”, “reach us today” the company’s contact number and address etc. The words that should invoke your target audience to get your services.


5- Time Matters!

Viewers are not signing up for a documentary by visiting your page. The purpose of video content is the time effectiveness, it must stay true to it. Videos must not exceed 1 or 2 minutes in length. They must also have the crux of the business best explained shortly and effectively.


6- Optimize Video Content for SEO

SEO optimization has an important place in this domain as well. Your landing page content can be used for placing your video on YouTube. By this way, the video content can increase your visibility on Google and earn your business good leads.

  • The frequency of videos should be one per page and be well categorized.
  • Optimized metadata is essential.
  • Video transcription provides a good source for keyword boosting.
  • Video object schema is s good utility.
  • The video should be hosted on the business’ own domain.
  • Use Youtube’s CTA’s to redirect your audience to the main video on your website.
  • Content sharing through video embedding is a great tactic.
  • You only need the videos that are working for you, those which aren’t should be sent to the garbage instantly.

7- Keep The File Size Small

Increased loading time are abortive. The basic purpose of video content is to minimize time and deliver maximum. The video content must steer clear of any long loading durations, the file size must be downgraded for that. Less is always more when it comes to social media branding, stick by this rule.

8- The Thumbnail Holds It All

The first thing that a users’ attention get to is the thumbnail of the video. If it is interesting, catchy and curious, chances are that the user will proceed to open and play the video on the website/web page. It has the potential to upgrade CTR by 15%, so not paying much attention to this aspect can cause some damage. A good thumbnail can include a company’s logo, a face, emotion or something that best describes what’s in the video.

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