How to make good stories on Instagram? Learn to Master your Instagram Stories for Growth

Sorry Snapchat but Instagram took your best invention and ran it all the way to the bank!

Stories eclipsed all other social media features for having the quickest take up of over 200M in the first TWO MONTHS! Now over 41% of users prefer Instagram to Snapchat Stories. AND brands can advertise in this space faaaaaar easier and cheaper than Snapchat can. So why aren’t you using them?

Because you think you’re shit at it?  Even in 2018, brands are avoiding diving head first into social marketing because they don’t want to fail or give a bad impression of their business. Totally understandable but that’s where the beauty of the Story lies. After 24 hours they’re gone! Poof! Disappeared into internet oblivion! (unless of course you save it, obvs).

Even if you are shit at them to begin with, it’s the perfect feature to learn by doing. You also have so much inspiration out there to get ideas. 

Here’s a few to get you started.



If there’s someone in your team who is pretty nifty with their personal account, ask them to do a day’s takeover of the business account. “A day in the life of….”. Or if you work with influencers even better! This can give you some co-pro and it gives them a chance to show you how it’s done. Everyone’s a winner!


A Story with a story – hardly ground breaking huh? What we mean is share a step by step recipe, a how to or the origin of your brand over a series of snaps. We love the stop motion feature for taking a tour round your building – especially if you don’t want background noise. 


Share clips of your recent long form content, stills from videos, screenshots of your recent blog, clips from an interview. If you are a coveted verified user with your sexy big blue tick you can then link users to the original content by swiping up. We LOVE this feature for ecommerce users, shortening the journey from advertising to purchasing – dream living.


Simple but really effective. You can use this for a bit of fun or to get genuine feedback from your fans. People love interaction if it’s just a tap here and there, and curiosity will usually get the better of them so they can see the results of the poll.

If you’re deciding between two colours, products, designs or flavours this can really help you out for a quick fix solution. Your followers are your customers so interact with them as much as possible!

You don’t need to post updates every day, let’s be honest – sometimes we’re too damn busy! Keep it consistent though. The more people watch your stories, the more likely they are to see your Instagram posts in their feed earlier, especially if they interact with your polls or DM you 👍🏼

So go on, try a few and tell your brand story! Here’s some of our fave’s…

For any other social or digital know how – give us a shout! We love to chat 😊

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