How to promote brand on twitter? Ways to Leave an Everlasting Imprint of Your Personal Brand on Twitter.

This is the perfect time to focus on Twitter and initiate building a robust brand around your name, blog or business. Twitter is currently the fastest growing social media platform. Twitter would continue this massive growth as per the statistics. If you are looking for quick results and if you are keen on seeing traffic getting diverted to your website, then Twitter is the best choice for you. Twitter experts have come up with effective ways of using the platform for scoring media and business deals. The Twitter specialists have successfully created relationships via the development of popular Twitter personal brands. Many people are on Twitter simply because they are aware that they should better be there and not because they have got anything to do with being focused and strategic. Here are a few effective tips from the experts who have managed to create a reputed brand on Twitter. Now it would be easier for you to develop your own personal brand on an amazing platform like Twitter.

Follow the Masters in the Trade

Nothing could be a smarter strategy for winning followers than following others yourself. You could begin by following the masters in your specific industry. You could make use of efficient tools such as TweetAdder, Tweepi, and ManageFilter for following multiple people in bulk. You could think of following someone only after you got at least enough information. You must follow top influencers and key figures in your precise line of work. Do not follow someone, who has a blank account. Remember not to get overboard. If you go on following over 100 people every day, you would be banned by Twitter.

Obviously, you are quite familiar with the masters in your trade. Simply follow them. Business leaders are great for inspiring and motivating you by bringing new insights into your industry and help you networking with other followers of the business leaders. Follow the individuals who are followed by the industry leaders. Follow individuals who seem to be omnipresent on Twitter. Initially keep observing the Twitter luminaries then gradually, you could start engaging them. Influencers are humans and they would love to get praised. Do not expect results overnight. With time the influencer may follow you or mention you in some comments. Nothing could be more fulfilling.

Create Your Brand Personality

According to Investopedia, brand personality is nothing but a set of human traits or characteristics which are attributed to your brand name. Consumers could relate to brand personality and as such, an effective brand would be boosting your brand equity possessing a consistent mix of characteristics. This obviously is the added value gained by a brand besides, the functional advantages.  Brand personalities could be of five distinct types namely sincerity, excitement, ruggedness, sophistication, and competence.

Excitement: People who are excited would be loving life and enjoying everything they do. They would be delighted to share their exhilaration with the Twitterverse and it could be real fun to follow such people.

Sincerity: Sincere people are caring and they are concerned about your well-being. They tweet sincerely and are always caring, sincere and genuine.

Competence: A competent person is not only well-educated, he is deeply knowledgeable and enjoys tweeting information just to impress others. They enjoy sharing their knowledge with everyone else. For instance, a competent dentist would often tweet about dentistry-associated topics.

Sophistication: Sophisticated individuals like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton love to tweet photographs of their expensive cars or shopping trips and they want everyone to know when they are enjoying food in some of the finest and top-most restaurants across the world.

According to the experts, consistency is the most important factor contributing to your brand success on Twitter. People would be getting used to regularly seeing your persona and brand on Twitter and they would be waiting for your Tweets once they come to know you well. Moreover, it is essential to be entertaining and engaging while tweeting if you wish to grab attention. You would be winning great fans if you are consistently providing information of great value and also, keeping them entertained on a regular basis.

Jazz Up Your Profile

Your Twitter profile should not be left to whim or chance. Your profile is something everybody would be checking out once they find you via your content. Make sure that your Twitter profile defines your brand. Consider using an image for highlighting your brand. Do not use pet photos unless you are actually a veterinarian by profession or if your social media objectives and aspirations are not particularly business related.

Generate and Curate Amazing Content

It is always a good idea to stay away from tweeting negative things. You must remember to tweet insightful, helpful, and amazing content if you wish to grow your reputation. All impressive and successful Twitter brands are known to be posting a steady flow of valuable content. You could go on tweeting but that obviously, does not imply that your objective must be 100 tweets every day. You must, however, keep generating content and make sure there is a steady flow to ensure positive engagement. Finding your rhythm is the key.

Though it seems quite convenient and tempting to depend mainly on curated content, it is a good idea to share some genuine or original content if you are seriously seeking to build your personal brand. Content is the real fuel of social media. Experts believe in generating original content on their blogs and then sharing them on Twitter as they are unique and helpful. If you are sharing curated content, always identify the author or the source. Do not simply mention just the source, it is a good idea to give due credit to the author, who would be appreciating and acknowledging the mention. Do not forget this golden rule that it pays to tweet with a picture whenever possible. Posts with pictures on social media are 40 times more probable to be shared.


Twitter is supposed to be a two-way street. People would be engaging with you only when and if you reach out to them.  Always devote some time to reaching out and engaging with the tweets posted by your influencers and followers with whom you are interested in forging a relationship.


Author Bio: Richard Samuels is an experienced digital marketer. He enjoys tweeting in his spare time and advises everyone from a dentist to a businessman to tweet on a regular basis to create a memorable brand.

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