How to Run an Effective Email Campaign? 4 Tips to Super Power Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Over the years, we’ve all subscribed to a ridiculous number of websites to be the first to hear about the latest deals, sales and news. In fact, I use my high school email address solely for that purpose (and I’m sure I’m not alone). This does however mean that about 150 emails a day (no joke) are wiped straight into the bin. And it’s not because they aren’t worth reading, just that no one has time for that.


So how do you make your email stand out from the others?
Make it the one that your reader stops and thinks “Hey, even though I’ve been receiving mail from them for years, I might actually open that one today!”. Here are the selection of emails which didn’t make the cut this morning.


Deleted Emails

Title It

Your title or subject line is the clincher. If your customer isn’t first off just excited to receive an email from you, you need to intrigue them to open and read the content. The reason these emails ended up in my deleted items was that nothing stood out. In between the deal websites which contact you every day, the MyFitnessPal which I just ignore and a skincare brand which also didn’t really grab my attention the most disappointing was Twitter. I mean come on Twitter! You’re supposed to be good at this game. Offer your readers a hook so they feel compelled to click and read on.


Write Interesting Stuff

Once you’ve got your readers to click through and read what it is you’ve actually sent them, make it interesting! Don’t disappoint after your catchy subject line with paragraphs upon paragraphs of dullness. Short, snappy and include some great quality visuals to keep your readers attention span.



Think about the actual aim of sending the email in the first place. Were you looking to offer a new product, encourage sales by clicking through to your website, sign up to a new event or just inform your readers with a newsletter? Whatever the purpose make sure your call to action buttons are clear. Looking at the Cho-Yung Tea email, you don’t get a clearer CTA than this! Wow! A bit sore to look at but there’s no messing about with what the aim is.

Email CTA

How Often?

Taking note from Groupon here. If you constantly inundate your customers with emails, not only will it probably piss them off but you’re spamming. You’re more likely to end up in the junk folder or bin as they know they’ll hear from you again soon anyway. With a high frequency of sends, the urgency to open will plummet. Depending on your business you might do a monthly or weekly newsletter with other prominent deals offered throughout.

Or you can set up automation emails to segments of your database depending on their previous behaviours. For example, you can email those who have downloaded your ebook from the last email offering them further downloads or invite to the next webinar if they enjoyed it.


If you’re still not sure what to write, who to target, how to format or what email marketing even is then let us do the work for you! Our team are more than happy to take the project off your hands. Just get in touch!


By the way, I had another email from Groupon by the time I’d finished writing this…

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