How To Use Linkedin To Get Sales! How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Business

LinkDo you want to know how LikedIn could make your business sales? Then keep reading:

Industry mixers and old fashioned networking isn’t going anywhere, but if you’re serious about establishing yourself as a valuable brand and commodity, you’ll want to make sure your social selling strategy is watertight. While Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to engage with potential clients, when it comes to making a great first impression, LinkedIn is the way to go. However, with more than 450 million active users as of 2016, you’ll need to apply some serious polish to your profile in order to stand out from the crowd and capture those sales leads effectively.

Tips to Use LinkedIn to Generate Business Leads

Optimise Your Profile with Keywords.

If you’re targeting a certain market, make sure your profile is populated with relevant keywords and terminology. The headline section of your page is a great place to include a few keywords most relevant to your industry sector, while your summary section can build upon this further. Potential clients will likely make a decision within seconds of scanning through your profile, so make sure you grab their attention with the content they’re looking for to encourage them to stick around and read through the rest of your profile.

Keep it Current and Relevant.
When building your LinkedIn profile, it can be temping to fill it with every position you’ve held and project worked on. While it’s important not to leave any gaps in your employment history, don’t waste time on cramming in superfluous information about minor posts and historic projects. It’s critical you show you’re a versatile and adaptable employee and collaborator, but try and hone your profile to make it relevant to your current industry sector and the kind of postings you’re aiming for.

Request Recommendations to Boost Reputation.

You can’t write your own recommendations, but requesting them from colleagues and clients you’ve worked for in the past is a great way of boosting your online authority and building up an impressive reputation. However, you’ll want to exercise some caution when requesting them. Avoid requesting recommendations from difficult clients or on less than successful projects, and make sure you’ve worked with someone for a good chunk of time before adding their recommendation to your page. When your goal is to net sales, you’ll also want to focus on recommendations from previous clients as opposed to former employers. Potential clients want to see you’ve delivered and exceeded expectations, rather than hear general comments about your performance in the workplace.

Connect and Network to Broaden Your Horizons

shutterstock_255118591While not as important as recommendations, establishing a good number of connections can boost your reputation and help sell yourself as a more valuable and reliable commodity. Connect with any business or individual you might think relevant to your own, even if you’ve never actually worked with them before. Developing your networking circle will ensure you’re in good company, bringing you closer to potential clients and expressing to others you better understand the service sectors you’re part of.


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