How to Use Long Tail Keywords for Online Marketing Success

longtail keywords

If you have been running your Ecommerce or CMS website for a while then you have probably dabbled in search engine optimisation (SEO) at some point.

Research into the technique will have no doubt prompted you to conduct a bit of keyword research and suggest you place keywords throughout the website’s header, content and blogposts with the hope that the website will somehow trump the system and get into the first page of search results for relevant search terms.

However if you are finding your SEO strategy ineffective (or damaging) to your search results then it may be time to look at your SEO strategy and exert your time differently.

Totally New to SEO?

If you are totally new to SEO there are many guides and resources you can follow to get the grips and understand important terms including this quick post from ourselves.

Keywords are simply the words or terms which your customers type into Google and other search engines to find what they are looking for. In short, SEO is the process of optimising content (and many other factors) to show for these keywords. The better your website answers the query, the higher your page will rank for that search term.

However, Ranking on Search Engines isn’t Straightforward…

On paper SEO sounds easy. However if you’re pitched in a competitive industry, achieving high rankings in search engines for appropriate keywords can be a struggle.

Long Tail Keywords are one method you can employ to increase your visibility online and drive relevant traffic to your website. Ideal for establishing your business in a busy online industry, identifying relevant longtail keywords with less competition will give you a great ROI for your digital marketing strategy and help you target your ideal customers more effectively.

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are specific three and four-word phrases which are more likely to engage potential customers, and generally receive a much higher click-through and conversion rates than more general terms and single word phrases (known as head keywords).

If you consider a standard purchase journey you can understand the relevance of long tail keywords. For those conducting a search for information they are more likely to search using generic terms. Those who are closer to making a purchase are likely to know more specifically what they are looking for and make searches as such.

In the example above someone searching the term “hairdresser” may be looking for hairdressing supplies, hairdressing jobs, the history of hairdressing or articles written by hairdressers. In the second, longtail search, “evening hairdresser appointments middlesburgh” the searcher is much more specific about their intentions. It is these longtail searchers who will be easier to convert so creating content which targets them will be of greater benefit to your business.chart-longtail

How to Use Long Tail Keyword Strategies to Your Advantage

1. Use Keyword Research More Effectively

When deciding on long tail keywords to deploy across your site and social sites and content calendar, you need to make sure you’re hitting the right industries and audiences.

For the most effective long tail keyword campaign, you should use multiple phrases and terms. Make sure you’ve done your homework and selected appropriate keywords, relevant to all industries and business areas you might be looking to work with.

To find long tail keywords you can use a number of different techniques:

Google Search Query Box

Simple yet effective, a great way to find long-tail keyword terms is to visit Google and begin typing in a term relevant to your business or market. Google will then begin auto-filling your search with popular searches.

Keyword Planner

Google themselves have developed a tool that has been used by SEO marketers for years. The Keyword Planner allows you to type in a search query, select a location and see the popularity (number of average monthly searches) and competitiveness (suggested bid) for that term.

Head keyword terms will attract a much higher number of average monthly searches and whilst all those zeros might be tempting, these terms will generally be much more competitive and more ambiguous.

You can see the comparison in the example below. The term “web design” has 165,000 average monthly searches, whereas “web design company glasgow” has just 40.

longtail seo

Targeting the long-tail keywords is focused on driving quality searchers. Through doing this you will filter out those whose intent is something other than purchase.

Third Party Long-Tail Generators

There are online resources that will automatically generate long-tail terms. Soovle works well for giving you possibilities from several websites including YouTube, Google and Bing.

2. Quality Content, Every Time

Time and time again we are made aware that SEO practice in today’s world is focused on the production of unique, quality content. Ensuring a steady stream of high-quality content, from articles and videos, to tweets and Facebook posts, is essential when marketing to a new audience. Successful online marketers can target specific audiences and potential revenue streams with effective micro-content delivered on a daily basis.

When your business is headed through a period of accelerated growth, it can be easy to take shortcuts and outsource for content creation, but it also pays to maintain strict editorial control and keep your content focused.

Think About the Customer Purchase Journey

Dependent on your business it can be beneficial to target customers at all stages of their purchasing journey.

For those who don’t know they might need your product, the “hairdresser” searcher from the above example, it can be beneficial to create content which will satisfy that query. For example you may write a How-To guide on a common problem and position your product or service to solve that problem, or a blog post on the history of hairdressing.

This kind of content should not be overlooked as it can make visitors to your site aware of your brand and could increase the chance that down the line they will come back to you to buy if they ever choose to. The key to to this type of targeted content is not a hard sell but instead introducing your brand.

The online world is continually growing so it might seem odd to adopt a long-tail keyword strategy as in theory it would appear that you are significantly cutting the number of people your term could be potentially reaching. However in reality a larger market means you can drive higher quality traffic using long tail keywords. It has been found that 70% of all search traffic lies in long tail.

Further research has also shown that optimizing for head terms can move your web page five places, whilst optimizing for long-tail can help you jump as many as eleven places.

If you are looking specifically to target those wishing to buy, focusing efforts on longtail terms and creating great conversion driven landing pages and using effective pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be much more effective at converting customers to the purchasing stage. For this type of content your copy should be much more sales based showing your business’s USP and benefits.

3. Grow Your Content with Your Company

Once you’ve started seeing the conversion you were hoping for, it’s tempting to fall back and scale down your content delivery schedule. This is a big mistake, and will only undermine your long-term efforts and marketing strategies.

As your company gets bigger, reassess the micro-content you’re putting out to see if it’s an accurate reflection of what you stand for. Are you venturing into new territories? Consider tailoring content specific to these new regions.

You should be aiming for rich content in all forms daily, published and promoted to all your online channels for maximum distribution and engagement. If your business has gone through substantial growth, it makes sense to install a full-time Content Manager or Editor to oversee the creation and publishing of all new material, and drive further success with innovative new campaigns.

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