How to Utilise PPC and SEO Strategies to Boost Brand Visibility

How to Utilise PPC and SEO Strategies to Boost Brand Visibility

How to Utilise PPC and SEO Strategies to Boost Brand Visibility


PPC and SEO are some of the most effective tools that have been created to produce outstanding results for an online brand. Although they both have a unique mode of action, but their goal is the same, i.e. attract the target audience. Both of these techniques cost a leg and an arm for the brands which often tends to push the brands upon choosing any one of them. However, this is a misconception. You can combine a great PPC and SEO strategy to generate an altogether new approach that is bound to make your digital appearance shine. Here is how you can do it;


  1. Identify Negative Keywords Through Long tail Keywords:

Using long-tail keywords has always been a tricky job to handle for any SEO specialist. But it can prove to be a total blessing in disguise if the strategy is put into the right perspective. Long keywords often identify negative keywords for your brand. This identification of negative keywords helps you to determine which keywords you must not spend on, or which ones are being ignored by your target audience. You can cash it now otherwise.


  1. Your PPC Data is Your Digital Gold Mine:

A well-performing ad-text is worthy of your attention. Incorporating it into your SEO campaign can produce great results for your brand online and bring in more traffic. Using PPC texts in your meta descriptions is one of the best practices. Rearranging best working topics into new blog posts can also turn out to be effective.


  1. Make Use of PPC Data to Generate Keywords:

This might be a cliché technique, but it is still one of the most underestimated ones to date. PPC content data tells you what type of content your target audience reacts the most to incorporating this PPC data to generate long and short keywords for your SEO campaign can produce wonders. Combining PPC and SEO this way enhances your website visibility.


  1. Combine PPC and SEO for Remarketing:

Your website might be doing great on it’s one time SEO campaign generated ranking, but the main trick is to maintain a turnover rate and keep your audience held to your brand only. Search your audience via PPC data, produce ads of the products/services they have searched on your website and get their attention again. Re-advertising a hassle-free ad at a later time for your audience can create more potential leads.

  1. Always Be Cautious Of What You Put Out There:

Having a well amalgamated PPC and SEO campaign is excellent! But always be very careful about what your marketing campaign portrays out there. Always be prepared for moral police and be very sensitive towards social issues, because anything that triggers controversial or negative emotions turn out to be stale for a brand image.

Small businesses and modern marketers with unclear and vague goals still consider combining PPC and SEO strategies, a bad idea, but successful results have proven this notion wrong. With a lot of benefits this combination has, it comes with great responsibility. Dealing with two different entities at a time for one goal is very tricky and requires expertise. Adeo Group is an SEO Glasgow digital agency with the expertise of SEO and PPC management services. We are an award-winning agency which has always kept our clients as the priority. We do not believe in providing average work, going an extra quality mile is our forte, and we love doing it. You can check our different deals and packages and call us today for a consultation.

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