How to Utilise User Generated Content to Boost Your Ecommerce SEO

How to Utilize User Generated Content to Boost Your E-commerce SEO

How to Utilize User Generated Content to Boost Your E-commerce SEO

Online traffic is essential for the successful functioning for an e-commerce website. In the online world this traffic is generated and maintained organically as well as by paying and what does an online website’s traffic do? It earns more leads, sales and better ranking on the search engines!

Grabbing people’s attention online is a very tricky and draining task! Amidst stringent Google bots rules & regulations, designing effective strategies and targeting the right audience is not a piece of cake. This is where e-commerce SEO comes in to play and do the needful. SEO is the game changer for any e-commerce website and hence it needs to be impactful. Here is how user-generated content can befit a business;

1.  How can Rich Snippets Boost E-commerce SEO:

Rich Snippets from the actual product reviews in the form of star ratings and overall product rankings, reviews, product availability of a brand can literally make or break the deal when it comes to the online experience. This helps in optimizing the search results by redirecting the right audience with the help of authentic evidence-based content in the form of rich snippets to the right brand’s webpage.

2. Never forgetting the Reviews Webpage;

An online visitor can only be converted into a sale or lead if he/she is convinced enough with organic evidence that wherever he/she is going to invest his/her time and money; it is from the right place and at the right cost. A dedicated reviews page only increases the authenticity of the e-commerce webpage and creates a bond of trust between the seller and the buyer. There’s only very less that Ads can do now; people want real reviews now as indicated by Google’s 80% markup for “best product” “best reviews being the top searched questions.

3. Diversity is the key;

A webpage that displays a variety of content such as written, videos and images shows that the webpage is valid and reliable. Google has recently claimed to have given high ranking factor to web pages that have authentic and relevant video content on the webpages. So, diverse content is the major breakthrough for SEO.

4. Google Shopping for Generating Traffic:

Google Shopping is the feature introduced by Google that generates a lot of traffic which is beneficial for brands to feature among the top in the search results. This feature allows individual product ratings and creates a more trustworthy environment for the viewer to buy off the product.

5. Be Specific than General;

E-commerce SEO is boosted only when the e-commerce webpage shows more specific than general results. It is always beneficial to bid on specific termed products it improves chances for your product ads to appear more than others.

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