How to write an effective product description that sell

Product DescriptionsThe knack for marketing is a lot more complex than simply telling your target audience about the product you are selling and expecting them to buy. When promoting your products online, you need to know how to effectively connect with your potential buyers and customers.

Details about your product can be boring, especially if you are selling highly technical items. It’s more effective to approach your audience from a point of reference to which they are familiar. Focus on their personal likes and dislikes, needs and requirements, and show them that your product is exactly what they have been waiting for.

Get straight to the point

When writing a copy for your product, it’s better to avoid long lengthy explanations. Instead, you should get straight to the point. Give your audience a rough outline, let them know why they need your product and then finish up with a call to action (CTA). The more concise and simple your prose is, the more chance you have of holding their attention and interest. Your content should be up to scratch too. Gone are the days when you could only get away with SEO copy simply filled with keywords and not much of the personalised content. Google now penalises websites that reproduce meaningless content, created with the sole intention of getting hits. Your content must be well written and informative. Include links and tags, but ensure they integrate well into your product’s description.

Tell a story about your brand

Draw your audience in by telling them a story that bears relevance to your product. Find an interesting angle and write an intriguing title, like for example:

‘How an Ex-Con Turned His Life Around and an £80K Per Month E-Commerce Business’.

Still and Moving Images Speak Volumes about your Product Description

Anchor the message of your written text down with photographs and videos. These can make a real impact, enhancing product appeal, while attracting and captivating your audience. If you decide on using images, make sure they are of the highest in quality. Peter Crawfurd, of the Smashing Magazine, touched upon the importance of professional photography and the impression it can give your products and e-commerce store.

Testimonials, Reviews and Authenticity of your Product

Customer testimonials and reviews assist you in building up a sense of trust with potential customers, while giving your service and products the stamp of approval. Make good use of social media and share interesting articles that lead back to your website. Guest bloggers and online communities are also a great means to build your reputation and get the word out.

E-commerce stores benefit greatly from trusted seals like McAfee and Norton. These anti-virus seals let potential customers know that your online store is trustworthy and safe. Financial seals, like VeriSign, are also important and add credibility.

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