How to Write Irresistible Copy That Converts: 6 Insider Tips to Propel Your Sales

We all know that “Content is King,” but how to write that irresistible copy that will compel potential customers to click through and buy? Well, we’ve got you covered with these six insider tips to help you write amazing copy that will boost your sales.

1. Know your audience.  

We know, this phrase is overused BUT, more importantly, it is undervalued. The first step to writing compelling copy is to understand who you’re selling to because if they feel known, they will buy. 

Take some serious time to get to know who exactly it is you’re selling to, in fact, come up with an ideal customer, put yourself in their shoes and dig deep to find out everything about them. We recommend starting with a list, like this:

  • Name: Danny Boy
  • Age: 17
  • Occupation: In school
  • Likes: Skateboarding
  • Dislikes: Being told what to do
  • Hangs out at: The skatepark
  • Uses: Instagram and TikTok
  • Pain point: Can’t afford to keep buying new skate shoes so frequently

This is a great jumping off point: you can use this list against every bit of copy you write for your product to ensure you are always appealing to your customer’s needs and desires whilst assuaging their pain points and showing them you know who they are.

2. Use psychology

We’re talking about creating a sense of exclusivity here. Studies show that humans crave being part of an “in group”, in other words, we all want to be part of an exclusive club, like being asked to attend an invite-only party by the cool kids at school. It feels good to feel special and we can use this to more effectively market our products.

And it’s pretty simple to do. You might try using some buzzwords like hand-picked, just for you etc etc etc.

Another method of using psychology to sell is to create a sense of URGENCY. It probably stems from our inner cave-people compelling us to stock up for the winter, but we are much more inclined to buy something when we perceive it to be actively running out.

Apple do this brilliantly – with pre-order lists and excellent promotion, they make it seem as if their products may run out, and make us all think we’d be missing out if you didn’t get a new iPhone right now!

You’ve also probably seen millions of ads with lines like, while stocks last, or here today gone tomorrow, right? Well, your job, as copy-writer-el-extraordinaire, is to inject that same type of urgency without using this sales-y language we all know and hate so well. You might try using some phrases like this, for a limited time only, or offer ends tomorrow. The point is to put on the time pressure without being off-putting to Danny Boy (yes, we are still keeping him in mind).

3. Remember your high school English (read: use metaphors and analogies)

When your message is a little bit tricky to understand, or just unclear in general, using metaphors and analogies helps readers to put your product into perspective. At the end of the day, your customers need to understand your product well to know whether or not it will add value.

Here are a couple of examples of some historically great metaphor taglines:

  • Ginester: Real Honest Food
  • McDonalds: It’s Your Kind of Place
  • Glossier: Skin First. Make-Up Second

See what we mean? These brands are using metaphors to convince their target market of what they’re all about, and they do a great job. You can do the same thing and provide a fresh experience and a new way for your customers to understand your product.

4. Don’t be a politician.

Avoid using what we call “weasel words” in your copy. These types of words are used by people trying to maintain a low level of responsibility. Politicians (and copywriters alike) tend to frequently use this type of language because it keeps them from being tied down to their grand statements, and people/customers can smell the tone from miles away.

Here’s why it doesn’t work:

  • “Helps reduce signs of ageing!” (read: you’ll still look kind of old)
  • “Promotes healthier sleep!” (read: this might not work)
  • “Fights dryness” (read: you could lose the fight)

Essentially, these types of statements make your product look weak and flaky. Do your best to avoid weasel works to make sure that your copy (and your product) are strong, clear and irresistible.

5. If you don’t ask, you don’t get (we’re talking about call-to-actions).

Now, with all the above in place your copy should be signing like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music (did you see that metaphor?!), but none of this will mean boo unless you ask nicely for what you want.

This is why your CTA (call-to-action) is so important, and please, please do not settle for the old “Learn More”, “Click Here” or “Buy” classics because you should write specific CTAs for specific audiences.

Like this

  • Remember Danny Boy? He is a curious teenager who responds to no-fluff type stuff, so give him a “You’ve got my attention” instead of a “Learn more” button.
  • If your target persona is adventurous and experimental go for something like “Give it a try” rather than “Try here” button.

6. Appeal to the soft spot.

No matter how good your product is, it will always sell better if you appeal to your audience’s emotions. Back to the psychology thing, our purchases are mostly influenced by our emotions rather than our logic (much as we might hope), and this is evidenced in those excellent adverts which make us cry a bit, or laugh, want to call our mums, or think “That is SO me” – we love them, right?

Here is a great example:

This specific ad campaign from Capitol One has received a huge response, and it’s all down to the emotional pull. We get this on a very human level.

Remember, delve into who your target market is, and these things will come naturally. At the end of the day, what you’re looking for is that key phrase that will make people click.

Let us know if this blog has been useful to you, and if you’re feeling generous, give it a share so others can benefit as well!

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