How We Turned An Idea Into A Fully-fledged Online Platform

How many business ideas have you come up with over the years? Out of them how many did you take to the next level? The team from Dr Andrews came to us with their idea of starting an online pharmacy to rival the leaders.


What they didn’t bank on was breaking even within 6 months of trading!

Here’s how we did it…


The Challenge

A number of challenges present themselves when you launch any new brand, however this brand had some extra hurdles to overcome, namely how do you get traffic to a new site in these product categories with the various regulations in place.

Our aim was to gain sales & produce a high return on investment, we have been around for over 14 years and know that with any ecommerce and marketing spend there needs to be a clear path to success and sales.

This market space also provides a very high level of competition in terms of marketing and competing against well established, international household brands with big pockets.

Most of the keywords within this realm are very high cost per click search terms and coupled with many regulatory guidelines to adhere to, an example of this is you are unable to market brand terms directly on the ads and landing pages along with the limitation of remarketing pharmaceutical products.

Our Solution

We had a number of targets with this website, depending on the product range that was being promoted and the various demographics we had to appeal to.

Age groups and gender varied also,  depending on the product ranges we were looking to promote, for the most part the users tend to be slightly older.

Small focused groups with unique long tails phrases. Adverts that answer the searchers problems, that also include emotive triggers to gain clicks.

Easy to read, easy to navigate landing pages, product page and checkout.

We consistently worked on the keywords, this was our focus. Ensuring that the negative terms were updated regularly to gain clicks that would be more likely to convert at a lower cost per acquisition.

We knew we could not compete in budget against the large brands, so were thinking more strategically, many exact match terms that, although produce lower volume, have a higher propensity to convert. The ads matched the search terms which matched the relevancy of the landing pages, this meant our quality scores and ad ranking were second to none. This gave higher visibility at lower cost per click.

The Results

After monitoring how users interacted on the site we suggested a simple improvement on the product page, reducing text above the fold and moving the buy button to where clients were focusing. This saw an increase in conversion rate by 248.75% 😍

Month 1

Conversions – 143
Conversion rate – 5.3% (The average conversion rate in AdWords across all industries is 2.7%)
Cost per conversion – £28.42

By Month 3 we were outranking the market leaders. Top of page 86% of the time with 51% share of the market.

By month 6 Dr Andrews had covered all their start up costs and broken even! 

Month 8

Conversion up 184%
Conversion rate – 13.5%!!!! 154% increase
Cost per conversion – 73% reduction

Working with the Dr Andrews team has been a pleasure and goes to show hard work does pay off 👌🏼


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I would definitely recommend Adeo for a high quality and professional service, and for those looking to really take their website to the next level!

- Conor Graham, Ecommerce Manager, Eden Mill

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