How You Can Make Most of Marketing During Social Distancing

COVID 19has changed the meaning of normal all across the world. It has shifted the abnormal to normal by shifting the whole digital paradigm. With over 60% of population across the world accessing internet to cope up with the COVID 19 induced stress and anxiety, it creates equal opportunity for the businesses to harness this situation. A lot of positives can come out from this adversity in terms of business marketing.

Digital marketers are striving day in and day out to find the right technique to engage with the online target audience in terms of empathy, trustworthiness and loyalty.

Social distancing has created a lot of digital constraints in terms of orthodox/regular marketing techniques failure, marketing cost cutting, boiler plate messaging fall out and much more.

Now, being a marketer working with a business, how can you make the most from this situation and turn this in favor of your business in these testing times? Here are some of the tactics that you can apply and ace the marketing game;

1. Generate Leads Via Video Content:

Videos have always been a key marketing element for the marketers. Testing times like today require out of the box thinking. Now how can you utilize the video content for building a bond with your over whelmed target audience? By creating customized video content. You can either create an engaging interactive video and share at large or simple create small video demos of your product/services and deal customer wise. This creates more chances of earning leads.

2. Animated Videos Can Come Handy:

Using white board animated videos can really create room for building acquaintance with your target audience and project your business products wisely and empathetically.  This technique is perceived more familiar and friendly among the target audience. Whiteboard videos have 15% more recall rate, are believed to be shared three times more than conventional videos and stand a chance twice than regular videos for converting leads to sales.

3. Virtual Conferences Creates The Best Engagement:

The bigger business improvised and did not kneel down in front of COVID 19, rather realigned their activities to counter the current situations. Virtual conferences, events, concerts and sales went wild globally and were a massive hit! You can also make use of virtual events by offering valuable services relevant to your business to keep your target audience intact and engaged.

4. Infographics For Complex Data:

 Infographics are single-handedly the best marketing ways to present vast and complex data in one go and in the most interesting ways! They are short, crisp and to the point. You can create some of the most creative infographics and earn leads. You can publish them on social media handles, spread via email marketing and display on the business website.

5. Revisit Your Website and Rethink Keywords Research:

Your website defines your entire business and your entire business is based on it in these times of global crisis. Up-to-date website content, relevant information, customer support Chatbots are all the ways you can update and skillfully use for marketing. Revising your keyword research for content marketing on social media platform relevant to these testing times might require a major revamp! Look in to the new trends of keywords to stay ahead of the SEO game via marketing.

Engaging the audience constructively via a blog, offering free skill based learning services, being more easily available to your target audience can create major marketing room for your business. Other tips for making most of marketing strategies could be advertisements, retaining and replenishing current audiences, building trust via testimonials and reviews and much more.

Building effective marketing strategies in these COVID 19 times can be a daunting and cumbersome task. It requires expertise and a vision. You can also attain these services via reaching out to Digital Agency, Glasgow. We are among the most sought after service providers in Glasgow, UK for our PPC management, SEO, remarketing campaign services and much more! We believe in building a bond with our clients based on loyalty and commitment. Our work is our identity and we live up to it.

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