How You Can Prepare Better Via SEO and Content for Ecommerce Businesses Post COVID 19

How Ecommerce Businesses Can Prepare SEO

Without doubt, COVID 19 has turned the whole world around and things have been all over the place for all sorts of industries owing to physical global lockdown. In times like these when there are an insane amount of people flooding online platforms to survive through pandemic isolation days, online businesses have experienced interesting conversion shifts.

Online businesses like toiletries, canned food, utilities, personal protective equipment have grown massively in terms of profit, however, travel and vocational industry have been massively hit by COVID 19 pandemic. So, this whole lockdown situation has been different for different online businesses owing to the nature of the target audience.

Now is the time to invest in your online business in terms of content marketing and SEO. Wondering how to work around it? Here are some of the things you can think to revamp your SEO strategy to hit more conversions;

  1. A Thorough SEO Audit would be a Great Idea Right Now:

As things globally are slow, preparing for post COVID 19 is the best thing to do in the time you have around your sleeve for your online business. The first thing that should click your mind is “an audit”. Going through your ecommerce website’s site mappings, structure, tags, content issues, using site crawlers are good areas for your website audit. Updating internal linking structure for better desktop and mobile experience should be audited. Making use of different audit tools like SEMRush, WooRank can prove to be beneficial.

2. Prioritize your Mobile Version of Website:

Owing to Google’s 2020 indexing update, online businesses will now be indexed on mobile version basis. Optimizing the mobile version of your website would be the most appropriate thing to do on priority right now for your online business. Cutting the website content in its mobile version is a big No as your business will be ranked on the mobile version data basis.

3. You Might need a Website Revamp!

First impression is indeed the last one and you must make it an impactful and worthy one. Consider multiple areas of your website and webpages that would need a major update. If you have been putting it behind the back then this is the right time that you update your website with special concern on UX and interface. It should be precise, interactive, modern and engaging. Your website bounce rate and CTRs via website metrics could provide essential data about what needs to be done and where. Look for it.

4. Invest more in Content Marketing:

Hoping on the bandwagon of cutting content budget might be the worst thing that you can do to your online business in these tiring times. Right now is, in fact, the best time to invest in relevant, quality and specific content to gain and maintain authority in the market. Google’s Freshness Algorithm allows the websites to be on top ranks, which refresh and update their content regularly. It also allows for more conversion rates. Brand awareness and building trust should be the top priority for you right now at your online business platform.

5. Build Your Email Subscribers List:

You should build a target audience list you can sell your business pitch to. You can search them via data analytics tools. Your email should not sell just your sales point but should be value-adding and empathetic. Something your audience can relate to.  Email subscriptions are a good way to build a relationship with your target audience directly.  

You can build your brand authority and create an impact for Post COVID 19 times by making proactive measure in terms of SEO and content marketing today. ADEO Group, a digital agency Glasgow offers you deal and packages under expert supervision to cope up with these testing times. We are an award-winning digital agency who offers expert SEO Services, content marketing, PPC Management, social media marketing and other digital services so that you can make most of the times your online business has right now. You can reach out to us for a consultation today.

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