Impact and Benefits Of Social Media and SEO To Your Business.

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The relation and impact between social media and SEO is two-way, whereby Social media impacts your SEO efforts whereas SEO influences your presence on social media platforms. However, as much as the two impact and influence each other, they do work hand in hand to the benefit of your business. This is because you cannot at any one time reap the benefits of one, without the impact or influence of the other, and that is a good standoff.

The impacts of social media and SEO to your business;

1. Leverages Local Search

Many potential clients and searchers are increasingly searching for businesses based on the locations they are in or the business is in. By linking your social profiles like Google+ to your other online platforms like the website, you are able to have search engines to index your websites and social platforms depending on the operating location that you have indicated on social platforms like Google+, Yelp and others.

2. Domain authority

As more link your website domain to your social platforms, and more content about and from the website is shared more and more on the social platforms, your domain continues to build authority, reputation and ranking. As Google and other search engines put emphasis on new and shared content, your shared website link will rise up the search ranks.

3. Network defined search results

The more content is shared on your social platforms will define how the content and website is indexed and what results will be given out of a search. Because search engines give a high preference for shared content, and are linked to various social platforms, the content that is most shared will be the one that will be returned by a search engine because it has a higher rank.
Some of the benefits of Social media and SEO that are enjoyed by your business include;

3 Social Media Benefits to boost your Business

1. Brand awareness

By far, social media is the most cost effective means of marketing and building brand awareness than any other digital marketing approach. With ichoosing a web design agencyt, you are able to build large social network links following to which you can target your products and brand to. Increased inbound traffic and more conversions –  SEO efforts almost produce results instantaneously because you start to have better ranking almost immediately. This coupled with a good social link, you are able to draw in more traffic to your product, service or brand and reach more targeted audience that is potentially more likely to produce conversions.

2. Interactive Customer feedback and satisfaction

Because social networks enhance interaction with your audience, you are able to get feedback and opinions earlier on even before launching the products, by sampling with a few of your followers. This allows you to modify and make improvements before the actual launch. The customers are also able to interact with you as they continue to use the products and as they interact with you they build more loyalty and trust. In addition, because you are able to immediately get feedback and act on the feedback, you are able to meet the specific needs of your customers and thus enhance their satisfaction.

3. Cost effectiveness

Social media marketing is by far the cheapest digital marketing approach of all. Even for paid promotions, the costs are so minimal compared to other approaches like Pay per Click. This is beneficial as you are able to realize returns for the investments made.
These platforms also have analytical tools that you can use to analyze the success of your promotions and market reach. These are great tools to help you know how you are doing and what more is needed to enhance your marketing success.
It is very evident that a good social media strategy will in more ways include and result in better search engine optimization, even without heavy financial investment to it. The benefits that your business reaps out of them are numerous, but, a good strategy will not be undertaken in an instance, and SEO outcomes may not be realized overnight as you may expect. It is therefore important to do thorough research and planning on what is to be achieved and how to go about it, and if possible engage a digital SE optimization agency that will help you through the various steps and stages of social media strategy development.


Derek Iwasiuk run’s Engage the Crowd agency headquartered in Minneapolis, and takes time to educate the minds of many young SEO’s and top SEO agencies. You can also follow him on Twitter @Diwasiuk

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