Importance of Social Media Marketing

We’re hearing more and more over the past months about the importance of social media being implemented into your site. So what is the importance of using Social media as a marketing tool?

Social Media Marketing being a tool for SEO is something that is greatly talked about in the industry at the moment, with all types of opinions. Personally here at Adeo we think it is an important part of online marketing and implement it to all our new sites. From experience we have found blogging to be highly effective especially when talking about a “hot” topic this can do wonders for ranking and boosting traffic to your site. Regular blogging we feel is important because not only can it drive extra traffic to your site but keeps your content fresh.

Facebook and twitter is something that everyone is talking about in the industry and people are sceptical about if this really works. Personally we believe with the right fan base it can be a great tool. Facebook advertising can also be a powerful tool, the great thing about this compared to PPC for example is you can set up a very targeted marketing campaign which maximises your campaign effectiveness. However it is important to research your target market as like PPC this can quite easily lose money for you.

An up and coming avenue we have tried and tested and found to be very effective is You Tube. We are advising more and more clients to set up a you tube account and implement videos onto their site. This is also great for attracting new traffic to your site, if you have the right keywords in your video name these are picked up on a google search.

Overall all aspects of Social Media do contribute to SEO and is something that all businesses should be a part of. By joining this community you can learn exactly what people expect from you and your business. You get the interaction with the public who can comment on your business. Some people are scared about receiving bad reviews on the likes of facebook but it’s all about how you deal with these issues and the perfect opportunity to exceed your customers expectations with quick responses and helpful feedback.

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