Search Engine Results: A Few Ways to Kick it Up a Gear

Why settle for landing your website in the top ten search results when you can send yourself sky-rocketing to the very top of the list? The great thing about Google Knowledge Graph, is that it is constantly evolving in ways that provide users with new and exciting ways to push their websites further up the food chain. Even better is the knowledge that you probably will not need to exhaust yourself to get it right. Just a bit of research and some clever strategies are all you need to make it to the top.

SEO: Geography Matters

People look for businesses and services that are close to home. More and more searchers are actively using Google Maps to pinpoint businesses in a particular location. You could have a business in one single location, or you could have several businesses dotted around the country; either way, you need to make sure that your website pops up right at the top of the list when potential clients do a search.

If you type in a search for one of your favourite big-name stores, you will notice that their carefully structured mark-up tells you everything you need to know about their various locations. A small map on the search page will pop up with structured information guiding you right to the store’s front door. This is what you need for your business. When someone searches for you, or for keywords related to your company, they need to be bombarded with relevant information immediately. It gets their attention and it makes them take you seriously.

Google Knowledge Graph goes beyond maps. With the smallest amount of effort you can include a wide variety of informative tidbits that grab the searcher’s attention. Special offers spread across social networks are a definite plus. Store-specific client reviews are another major perk. You want your audience to feel like they are learning everything they need to know about your business – and all of it should be positive to boot.

Details about major events are another major hook. If your business is a part of any special fairs, concerts, or other major affair, this should pop up in search results. If a search triggers your business, searchers should have instant access to the date, time and location of your next big event. The fact of the matter is that people want to be involved in activities that extend beyond the average goings-on of their day-to-day lives. Find a way to make your business a part of that.

If you are clever in your use of the schema for Events and Locations, you can link your business to searches for “things to do” on a specific date or in a particular location. Google Carousel is an amazing tool that lets you link your business to specific keywords and images that immediately attract attention.

Something else you may wish to consider is the enormous amount of questions that run through Google on a daily basis. DIYs are a particularly big deal in most people’s lives. Creating instructional content and incorporating that into your mark-up. If someone asks Google “how to make butter cream frosting” you could make sure that your page jumps to the top of the page in the search results.

Google Structured Data Mark-up Helper can help you achieve all of the above-mentioned feats and so much more. Take the time to do some exploring and you will be amazed at what you can do with a few simple changes to your current settings.

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