How to Improve your Landing Pages for your PPC Campaigns?

WebsiteTake potential customers on a journey through your website with multi-step landing pages.

If your business relies on online sales, then you know that improving PPC conversion rates is vital. You might think you've already done everything right. Negative keywords have gone, you've a great heading and your button colours are right, but you're still not getting enough leads and sales. How can you lift it all to the next level? Consider multi-step landing pages. Entice your leads on a trip from page to page until they convert. As you refine the process, the more people who land on your first page will make it to the last page and be ready to take that final step.

Why do multi-step landing pages give a better conversion rate than single step landing pages?

Every day your customers get savvier about Internet use, developing an instinct for what they trust. If you're following the same strategies you used three years ago, you're going to be left behind. An initial landing page that involves too much work and too many fields, or asks for sensitive information, will scare your leads away. They're looking at websites for probably dozens of companies and don't want to share their phone number until they're ready to commit. Nobody likes the thought of being inundated with dozens of calls and having to say no. When they're ready to receive a call from you, you can almost guarantee a conversion. With our fast paced world, it's a sad fact of life that people's attention span has declined. Pages that demand more than a few seconds attention are seen as boring. Three or four landing pages asking for eight fields of information will generate more response than one landing page with three fields. It is win-win for you, you are getting more information on potential clients and moving them nearer to that all important conversion.

How to create effective multi-step landing pages?

People looking for quotes will already have an idea of a price and what they want. Immediately giving you their name and phone number is immaterial to the final outcome, but they do know that they have to give certain relevant information for a valid quote. Start by asking for that prequalifying information, such as the make of car they're looking for and which accessories and options they want. Providing information like this involves some commitment to you and your product and lets you provide a sensible quote. Sometimes a little incentive is all that's needed to get people started. Ask for their postcode and enter them in a lottery. It helps you refine your information and they think they might gain a prize or a better deal. Interesting and specific questions will help you target your demographic and give a better idea of what the potential customer wants. This sort of multi-step landing page can lead to a huge increase in conversion rates and a reduced cost per conversion. This approach might be right for your product or it might not. But without trying different variations on it, you will never know what works best for your products and services. Think about your product, think about your customer and have fun creating your multi-step landing pages. If you would like to find out more about lading pages for Google Adwords PPC Campaign or website development contact us today!

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