6 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Photography!

Read on for some advice on taking amazing photos on your smartphone. Perfect for your Instagram and Snapchat campaigns.



It can be both your friend and your foe. You need enough to illuminate your subject but not too much to wash it out. Looking for a little romance to your photos? Head out at the ‘Golden Hours’ – the first and last hour of sunlight. You’ll get that dreamy, feel to your content with the colourful sky and there’s just enough light for decent exposure.


Use the grid!

There’s a basic photography rule of thirds you can use to bring your images to life. Imagine slitting your screen into 9 equal parts with 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. When arranging your photo, place your subjects on the lines and keep your horizon away from the center. It can make the photos much more interesting than being bang in the middle of your frame.



You might be a fan of B&W or the full rainbow spectrum. With such a vibrant planet, we’re not short of colourful inspiration. Sometimes a richly textured photo can almost be painful to look at, try the monotone option or apply a handy filter to concentrate more on your


Take more!

Keep going even after you think you have the perfect shot; you never know what you might capture. Maybe the photo will look better from a different angle or with a less or more crowded shot. Add something in or take something away, just keep experimenting.


Get Interactive

Using a solid background is great for making your subject stand out but can leave it a little lonely. Try using it in context or include person interacting with it.


Get Your Zoom On

Take photos from differing distances. The zoom on smartphone cameras can create some distortion and reduces the quality so we recommend taking a few close up shots to the collection.

For some awesome inspiration, have a look at the iPhone Photography Award winners for 2017 here.


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