Is Your Site Responsive?

Website design and development have come a long way from the static HTML website to websites that are highly dynamic and responsive to varying platforms. Nevertheless, the underlying question is what are responsive web designs? Well! A responsive web design refers to a website design that responds appropriately to various dimension of the screen. Essentially, when developing a website to be a responsive, dimension such as the height and width are taken into consideration and the web layout is adjusted accordingly to fit to the viewable area appropriately. These responsive designs permit the production of websites that are independent of the viewable area.

Nowadays, it is no longer sufficient to design a website for desktops and laptops. It has become essential to consider designing websites for multiple platforms in order to enhance accessibility regardless of the device or browser the user will be using when accessing your website. Therefore, your design should put this into consideration in order to allow users to access your website effortlessly.

Integrating images on your website can prove to be a challenge in responsive designs. Consequently, by using images that are flexible, and automatically resizeable is more appropriate for your responsive website. Therefore, as you consider this, you should Program your images in order to resize and fit in properly according to the limitation presented in a mobile layout. RedBack content management software developed by Adeo Group handles all the responsive image resizing automatically and doesn’t require any programming knowledge. It is a brilliant solution for managing ecommerce websites and driving profits online.
Although it is a growing trend, the use of responsive designs needs to be constantly checked to ensure proper functioning, especially on the mobile platforms.

The use of internet on hand held devices such as smart phones is increasingly becoming popular in the recent times. As a result, it has become more important to pay more attention to creating a responsive web design for your website in order to keep up with these rapidly changing trends.

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