Launching the Latest Superfood: Sciiona

Launching theLatest Superfood Sciiona

Launching the Latest Superfood Sciiona

Have you heard of moringa? If not, let us bring you up to speed. Moringa, often referred to as ‘the miracle tree’, is one of the most nutrient dense and nutritionally useful trees on earth. Moringa includes all nine essential proteins, an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all of which have hugely significant benefits for gut health, immune response and general wellness.

So surely such a superfood with a plethora of health benefits would be at the top of everyone’s shopping list? Not quite, as moringa has one clear drawback. Put simply, it doesn’t taste very good. Raw moringa is known for having quite a pungent, bitter taste that often cuts through other tastes if combined with other foods.

That’s where Sciiona comes in. Sciiona is the next generation of moringa! They have worked alongside the University of Aberdeen, Rowett Institute, a world-renowned research organisation specialising in diet and health to develop a revolutionary easy-to-use product that tackles the known limitations, with innovative solutions that in turn, enhance the numerous benefits.

Powdered leaves of organic moringa are micro-coated with edible vegetable cellulose using a patented process. Each minute particle of the powder is coated, protecting Sciiona from the harsh acids in the stomach and allowing it to be released in the intestine for maximum benefit – not only this, but their innovative scientific process also eliminates the bitter taste associated with traditional moringa products.

What you’re left with is a versatile superfood with a whole host of health benefits. Gram for gram Sciiona has double the amount of protein than yoghurt, 3 times the amount of potassium than you’ll find in bananas, 4 times the amount of vitamin A found in carrots and 4 times the amount of calcium in milk. Just sprinkle up to two teaspoonfuls daily onto your favourite breakfast, lunch, or dinner dish, or use it as an additional ingredient in your favourite recipes.

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