Learn how UX can be a perfect companion to SEO in 2020 and beyond!

Learn how UX can be a perfect companion to SEO in 2020 and beyond!

Learn how UX can be a perfect companion to SEO in 2020 and beyond!

What is the user experience in SEO? and how UX impacts SEO?

Brands polish their products and services that give a meaningful experience to their users. It gets more demanding day by day. Today customers want their queries to be solved instantly and navigate through the pages easily. It’s important to convert their interests into revenue. In this regard, UX plays a crucial role.

Is there something else that is also a passport to get revenue? Yep, you got it right, its SEO — one of the most popular ways of gaining unpaid or organic traffic on your page. A strong SEO strategy coupled with relevant keywords is the formula. Here you take measures to make your content and web design more appealing to search engines, so they display your brand’s website in the top results when your customer searches.

But does SEO get affected by UX? To some, it might be absurd but in this day and age, improving the UX directly affects the number of conversions through SEO. How will it happen in 2020 and beyond? Let’s find out!

5 powerful ways to brush up your SEO through awesome UX

I- Have a content distribution network in place

CDN gives enormous benefits to users, including faster page loads and quicker transactions. Companies that use CDN for their users end up having better conversion rates than others. Great experience here eventually makes your customer loyal to your brand.

It dramatically reduces website latency as it allows the content to be delivered faster to the end-user. CDN acts as a catalyst for great user experience and automatically boosts SEO. The faster your website is, the more likely is it to appear in top results!

II- Simple, easy-to-use website

An undeniable fact is that the user’s online experience makes a huge difference when it comes to them being interested in your product/service. Many people land on pages that are complex, displaying many navigation buttons, basically too-many-things-happening-at-once pages. Either they have too much information at one place or have a brief unclear headline that does not explain much to the user. Improved site navigation is the roadmap!

Having a pretty and simple website is the key here. Eventually, it will convert better and reduce user friction. Keeping it simple means maintaining it as a less-crowded place and diverting customer’s attention to the most important part of the page. Navigating like a struggler through a congested page to find an answer/information is not what we want for our customers.

III- Don’t forget to give them a mobile-friendly experience!

It is essential for a website that it’s informative yet user-friendly. But it is also significant to not have too many navigation options. This includes limiting menu options to basics only. Not to forget, most people will land on your page when they’re on their phone. So it is equally central to make its design mobile-friendly.

The fact that your website should load quickly on their phone cannot be stressed enough. You don’t want to frustrate them and keep them waiting to find and complete a call to action. This is important because the load-time is taken into account by search engines when it comes to ranking your website.

IV- Present it on a table for them

Every person lands on your website with a different approach. Some may visit your site to see if your brand’s winter collection has arrived, or to view the price of a leather jacket; some may want to inquire whether you have hooded coats too? Make sure your customers don’t struggle to find an answer and get to their destination as soon as possible.

For this, it is vital to look into the search intent of your user. Search queries can be navigational, informational or transactional, which tell you a lot about how you need to deal with each one of them. When it comes to providing a good user experience to your customers, be mindful of satisfying them with the answers they are looking for.

5 powerful ways to brush up your SEO through awesome UX

5 powerful ways to brush up your SEO through awesome UX

V- Give them a reason to engage with your content

Another important step is to respond with the right content and the right type of content. A good website provides relevant and actionable content to satisfy the user. To guide them through the content, use proper and catchy headings. It makes your content easier to be understood for users and search engines.

Keep your content short, precise and easy to understand. It should encourage your customer to initiate a conversation. Most of all, focus on the needs of the visitor, not the company.

What is the use of SEO traffic if it’s not utilised correctly? We help you direct your efforts at the spot where UX and SEO meet and overlap. Contact Adeo Group today, the award-winning web developers, located in Glasgow and London who are here to drive more sales for you. We are proud of our reputation in SEO services, web design, PPC and social media management.

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