LinkedIn Advertising Tips – What to Know Before You Start LinkedIn Ads Campaign

It’s not all about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter when it comes to social advertising. LinkedIn has proven a powerful platform for advertisers. For 2017 over 40% of marketers have asked advice on how to promote their content and generate leads, indicating that we’re about to see a lot more targeted messages on the feed.

Along with the other platforms we’re familiar with, LinkedIn follows the same mechanic: pick your objective, your content, your audience and then your budget. A really succinct process with no hidden surprises.


LinkedIn gives you three options to choose from depending on your goal:

1. Sponsored Content – reaching users in the LinkedIn feed

Here you can either select existing posts or create something new to promote.


2. Text Ads – targeting leads across multiple LinkedIn pages

Appearing on the top and the right of pages, these are easy to create and highly targeted.


3. Sponsored InMail – sending messages directly to targeted users

These should be addressed from a credible person (thanks Tania!) and is the most personalized way of connecting with your desired audience. Focus on humanising your tone for this one. If your mail sounds like every other sales message, users won’t read past the first few lines and your efforts will be wasted.


Pick your audience

As LinkedIn is the social platform for professional networking, we can be more thorough with job titles, industries, skills and specific member groups to target.

Recommendations for audience size:

For Sponsored Content LinkedIn suggests a minimum of 300,000.

Text Ads are most successful when they target between 60,000 – 400,000.

Sponsored InMail the best practice is stay within the range of 100,000.



Pricing – £8/day/campaign | £1.60 minimum bid CPC/CPM | £0.60 minimum bid CPS
Note: The minimum CPC or CPM bid for Sponsored Content varies depending on the audience you target.


The results dashboard gives you a transparent look at the success of your campaigns over time or by the audience demographs selected when designing your ads.

Remember, people use LinkedIn for work related purposes. If your product or service would benefit someone in their role, or benefit someone’s business, LinkedIn is definitely a channel you should be advertising on!


We can manage your social media advertising across all platforms to help build your customer network and drive your sales. Get in touch with our GENERATE team to see how we can help you!

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