Marketing Automation

Why Marketing Automation is Essential for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In the digital marketing realm today, most businesses hold PPC and social in high regard. They are recognised as critical activities where budget should be spent to generate leads, improve brand recognition and convert new clients. While both of these solutions are most definitely important, they are often seen as THE solution, rather than a piece of a puzzle where the broader marketing and sales efforts are strategically linked to support each other optimally.

This is where marketing automation shines.

Marking automation was created out of the need to cover more people with fewer resources. As businesses grow, it becomes all the more difficult to stay in touch with your existing clients while at the same time keeping up efforts to reach new ones. Generally speaking, you may leave it up to the sales team to look after new leads and existing clients, and marketing to hunt down more leads to pass onto the sales team. This is, of course, how these two divisions should function, but where many businesses go wrong is failing to link these efforts to give your customers a better experience, which in turn significantly increases your conversion rates.

Introducing marketing automation allows you to stay engaged with existing leads while engaging new ones and only tying up the sales team with those who are properly qualified and ready to convert.

How does marketing automation work?

Marketing automation is the use of intelligent software to streamline, automate, and measure your marketing campaigns so that you can increase your efficiency and grow revenues faster. It can help with activities like scheduling, customer segmentation, customer data integration, campaign management, tracking and analysis.

Unlike a PPC or social campaign, marketing automation is not a once off activity. It is a strategy to set your business up with the right foundations to grow and improve at every step. The more you put into your automated activities, the more you can learn, the more you can adapt to the needs of your customers, et voilá, you exponentially heighten the customer experience, and (more importantly) your conversion.

With so many ways a client can now come to your business, tracking conversion paths would be near impossible without the use of marketing automation software.

Better quality leads

Introducing marketing automation allows you to introduce strategies to keep your new leads warm, tracking all of their interaction with your business so that your sales team can strategically target the leads with the highest probability of conversion.

Drive sales

The more touchpoints your business has with a customer, the more likely it is that they will buy from you. Automating your digital marketing activities allows you to program even more ways to meaningfully engage with your clients, bringing them ever closer to conversion.

Save time

Manually controlling every marketing initiative is time-consuming and impractical. Introducing marketing automation allows you to pre-schedule and program campaigns ahead of time, leaving you available to do more.

Increase customer loyalty and worth

Automation enables you to focus more heavily on the quality of your campaigns and messaging. Thanks to the collection of data which shows you the interests and goals of your customers, you can design promotions or campaigns that speak directly to these wants and needs. Making every interaction more personalised and more likely to convert.

As a Sharpspring Silver Partner, we can offer marketing automation software at a significant discount to our clients. If you have PPC, Social Media and SEO search engine optimisation on the radar, it is worth getting in touch with us to see how marketing automation can meet these needs, as well as saving time, boosting sales and setting you up with more efficient processes to stay on top of your holistic marketing activities.


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