Mobile Shopping has Surpassed Desktop!

MobileShopping online for goods and products continues to grow at a staggering rate. The latest figures shows that more of ecommerce is now taking place via mobile devices, such as iPads and iPhones, rather than computers for the first time. A third of online sales in the UK now takes place from a smartphone or tablet; with a huge 40% of clothing purchases being made from a mobile device. These figures show an impressive growth of 2,000% in just four short years.

Why shopping from a mobile device has become so popular?

Shopping from mobile devices has grown in popularity alongside the growth of more sophisticated technology. This has allowed customers to move away from their desks and shop with more freedom. Retailers, such as John Lewis, are reporting that over 50% of visits to their online store are now made from mobile devices. As smartphones and tablets have developed with clear screens and easy navigation they have become quick and easy to browse and use. Customers are enjoying shopping online whilst doing other activities such as watching TV or dining, things that were harder to do when tied to a desktop computer.

What is the role of responsive web design in ecommerce?

Customers want to be able to shop with the same ease across all of their mobile channels, so ecommerce can only grow and succeed on highly functional platforms that allow this.

Online retailers need to focus on developing mobile strategies and take advantage of fast moving technological developments. Responsive web designs allow online sites to be easily read and navigated across a full range of devices, with content layout being intuitively adapted to the viewing environment.

Online retailers need to think further than creating their website just for the PC, but have to enhance it for all devices. Using a responsive website that functions across all channels will ensure easy access for their customers, better SEO and success for their business.

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