Learn How To Optimise Your Landing Pages For Google Adwords Conversion

landing pagesDo you run paid ads and implement SEO for your business? Are you finding that your conversion rate is still stagnant?

This post can help.

Taking It to the Next Level

It’s no surprise that great, user-friendly web design is an important step in converting visitors to your website into customers, leads and regular site visitors.

A business which is attempting to improve the visibility of their website will likely be using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) alone, or alongside, paid online advertising such as remarketing and PPC ads. If your business is implementing these digital marketing strategies but is failing to improve its conversion rates, it’s a sign that something isn’t working.

A great ad with a high quality score is fantastic but if the user who clicks your ad or organic search listing to find the website doesn’t deliver on what it promised then you lose the potential customer and capital for your business.

If this is the situation you find yourself in then you may want to consider the landing page that is linked to your ad or listing. Once you’ve attracted visitors’ attention your landing page design(s) should be a fluid continuation of their purchase journey, simply converting readers into customers and clients. Fail to do this, and you will fail to convert.

How Can You Improve Your Landing Page?

It sounds simple, but too often we see ads or organic search results lead onto irrelevant or overly-complicated webpages. Improving your landing pages is key. Here’s our tips for getting it right:

Minimalism Works

landing-pageIt’s been proved many times that when potential customers are faced with too much choice they actually buy less than buyers given options to choose between just a few products.

Great landing page design should be geared towards minimalism and offer the browsers few choices. This way you can taking advantage of consumer psychology, limiting the choices to improve conversion.

Remove Navigation and Increase Sales

Various studies have now proved that navigation within the landing page actually decreases conversion rates. Only around 16 percent of sites offer navigation-free landing pages, however, conversion rate increases of up to 100 percent have been experienced by companies removing navigation.

Stock Images Reduce Sales

It’s likely customers have seen the same or similar stock images over and over, throughout the course of website development. Taking stock images out of landing page design is a positive step, adding real images from your own business, showing products, people and services is the way to gain customers and depict the human side of your business.

Images on landing pages are always best situated above the page headline, this is a great way to lead the reader’s eye down the page and marketing analysis shows headlines beneath great images are read by up to 10 percent more visitors.

Think Carefully About Your Call to Action

call-to-actionCreating a great CTA (Call to Action) on landing pages is one of the most difficult challenges for designers. Ultimately, you need to bear in mind that the page is in existence solely because of the CTA, which should encourage visitors to learn more about your products, order your products or enquire about services.

No matter how fantastic the page design actually becomes, the CTA should have as much emphasis within the mind of any designer. Colour and size of CTA links and buttons need to be just right and enhance the overall page design, with subliminal encouragement for visitors to click. Contrasting colours, directional cues next to the link and persuasive copy all add emphasis and encourage visitor engagement.

What About Links?

If you remove navigation from your site, you’ll likely still retain some links within your landing page. Downplaying these links is the way forward. By removing as many links as possible from your page and ensuring remaining links are unobtrusive you will be able to enhance visitor attention and increase conversion rates. As stated previously, creating a minimalist environment is key, as readers have fewer attention grabbing distractions to handle.

Remember the KISS mantra: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

ecommerceLast, but not least, remember to clearly state the USP of your product or service. This should be the primary message to convey on any landing page. The USP, combined with your great design for the call to action, should direct all users to remain on your site, whether to register details or purchase your special products. A/B Testing is a great way to test the effectiveness of your Headline and benefits.

A Summary

Creating a great landing page is an important element of web design for many online businesses which has driven results in all sorts of industries. Great web design is the way forward for business success and increased sales into the future, with more people opting for mobile purchases, particularly within the UK. Simple landing page design, coupled with intuitive web design, interactive features and a unique selling point is the way your business will continue to grow and increase sales year on year. Contact Adeo Group to learn more.

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- Conor Graham, Ecommerce Manager, Eden Mill

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