Six Quick Tips for an Optimised Checkout Process

Online Shopping The ecommerce industry is constantly evolving and adopting in a bid to attract and retain customers. With the advent of mobile shopping, consumers are no longer restricted to the desktop or the laptop for product search and comparison. While shopping online is a convenient and positive experience for most people, the usability quotient of your website checkout process can make or break a deal. Tweaking the checkout process design and providing a better user interface rewards you with satisfied patrons and increased sales. Use these six tips to design a checkout process that fulfils the primary need of every customer – secure, easy and fast purchases.

Reduce cart abandonment with three key factors

Many businesses expect shoppers to register upfront before completing the checkout process. This turns buyers off and often forces them to skip the purchase altogether. Introduce the registration process at a later stage to avoid this scenario. Buyers tend to avoid shopping at sites which lack adequate security credentials. Retain your customer’s confidence by using and showing security affiliates throughout the checkout process, especially while noting down credit card and other payment details. It’s a rare customer who relishes a cumbersome checkout process. Replace multiple forms with a single page form. Provide intuitive filling forms by using drop-down menus, labelling mandatory fields and providing relevant information wherever necessary.

How to create an effective checkout process?

A slow loading ecommerce website with frequent pauses during the checkout process doesn’t bode well for business. Ensure that your website loads quickly and reduce time delays in confirming payment actions. Shoppers often get distracted with unnecessary details and external links in a checkout area. You can avoid this by isolated the process, retaining important text buttons and removing the rest. For enhanced user experience and conversion, use action buttons with specific and descriptive text and place them in a prominent position. As most buyers resent rude surprises in the form of hidden costs, mention extra charges, including shipping costs, at the initial stages. Offer specific information on alternative delivery methods and details on saving options.

How can we help?

Adeo Group specialists have over 10 years of experience in building effective online shops on multi-channel platforms. Our team can advise you on the best ecommerce solutions and design user friendly websites using the most recent digital systems. We work with a number of reputable partners including Sage Pay and offer safe and secure payment solutions.

If you would like to find out more about Adeo Group, secure checkout systems or ecommerce contact us today and find out more.

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