Adeo Groupies

We have various teams to deliver a quality service to every client.

Adeo Team

Gordon Higgins


Adeo Team

Yusuf Chauhdry

Global Sales Director

Adeo Team

Paul Bryan

Sales Director MEA

Adeo Team

Chris Rooney

Client Services Director

Adeo Team

Cher Fulton

Project Manager

Adeo Team

Zoe Spence

Senior Graphic Designer

Adeo Team

Angela McEwan

Senior Web Designer

Adeo Team

Heather Brennan

Web & Graphic Designer

Adeo Team

Ailsa Duncan

Digital Marketer

Adeo Team

Jonathan Mitchell

Lead Developer

Adeo Team

Euan Parker


Adeo Team

Daniel Arner

UX/UI Designer

Adeo Team

Jack Millen

Graphic Designer

Adeo Team

Jamie Tinkler

Account Manager

Adeo Team

Faraz Ahmad

Senior Developer

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Nothing seemed to be a problem for Adeo and the team we work with are always supportive and swift to respond to any requests.

- Scott McEwan, Chief Executive, Boston Networks

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