PPC Trends That Matter The Most In 2020!

Win At PPC Trends in The New Year-2020!

Win At PPC Trends in The New Year-2020!


Paid search is a wonderful tool of internet marketing through which advertisers buy visits to their websites. As 2020 is approaching with tons of opportunities for you, it’s time to review the old practices and implement new ones to get ahead of your competitors.

But you’re not alone, Adeo group is here to guide you through it. So.. let’s begin!

Automation is your helping hand in 2020

This is one of those trends that you don’t want to miss out being a pro in. Repetitive tasks or simple math problems are not your problems anymore. As we know, Google has created a lot of such options to help advertisers, and they’re working fine! You need to design effective and correct conversion tracking, writing excellent ad copy and choosing your ideal audiences and keywords. This way, you transfer most of your work to machines and save most of your time and money.

But beware, not every automation option is for your business. When the machine does your work, it doesn’t mean you leave and forget about it.  It definitely needs human supervision.

Look Beyond Google, and Facebook-Brands follow customers!

Without doubt, there are other platforms like Snapchat, Quora, Amazon and Instagram, where people spent more time. Not only this, we see new apps coming in now and then that gets popular instantly and become a platform for advertising (e.g. Tiktok).

This trend will not slow down any time soon, and new such applications will emerge where you can target your audience.

You need to know where your customer is spending the most time.

Don’t Forget Audience Targeting

With paid search, you get your ad in front of the right customer. It’s vital to focus on audience targeting along with keyword targeting. Keep your ad interesting for an active user who is looking for your service or product and falls in one of your audience segments.

The year 2020 will be a year where you talk to your customer, solve their queries, let them learn and grow.

Audience targeting layered on top keywords is crucial for your business’s growth.

PPC and SEO Integration

It’s nothing new that PPC and SEO both are beneficial for your business. But they work together giving better results if utilised in the right direction. With the help of PPC data, you get to know the most workable and profitable keywords and employ them in SEO.

Whereas your ranking data collected from SEO can be used to look for keywords you should be paying for. PPC advertising, along with SEO organic listings, can be deployed to make your brand prominent amongst your competitors on SERP.

It’s important to create your content based on your top-performing ad copy. It’ll boost your ranking!

Moreover, PPC’s copy data can be brought into play to help identify the best messaging to take advantage of metadata in SEO.

Adeo Group is a digital agency that is happy to provide you with its services with it’s the best SEO services and PPC experts. We are located in Glasgow and London. Get in touch!

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