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PPC Management Services by Adeo Google certified PPC agency in Glasgow & google adwords partner increase your sales with our experts ppc advertising campaign.

Pay Per Click or PPC Advertising is Seen by Many Businesses as One of The Best & Quickest Ways to Promote Your Business Online

Be seen across the web by your ideal target market where potential clients are looking for your service or products. Google. Get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours. Stay front of mind by showing ads to them after they have visited to help them through the consideration phase. Only pay for results when they click through to your website or call your business.

Be Found & Chosen

Google AdWords (now rebranded as Google Ads) provides businesses with the means to appear at the top position of Google’s search results page through a paid channel. Google is the most widely used search engine across the globe, so pay per click advertising is the best choice for any business wishing to target the biggest audiences and get results quickly.

AdWords (Google Ads) can help any business to achieve great results – whether that be growing online visibility, increasing brand awareness or generating online sales and a high ROI.

Adeo Group are an Adwords agency that takes the time to understand your business and adapt our search engine marketing strategy to help you meet your business objectives. We know that having a firm digital marketing strategy within your AdWords accounts & steadily, with consistent monitoring helps businesses achieve the best results.

With our PPC management services, we create high performing ads campaigns, that follow all best practice techniques, that resonate and engage with your customers to encourage them to buy from you. 

Search, Display, Video & Shopping

Google Ads has multitude of products to ensure no matter what your business or potential market is you can get found and chosen online. Be high and prominent on the 1st page of google with Google Ad Search. Help them through the buying cycle by showing your brand on related websites on google display. Promote your products with content, images and offers on google shopping. Showcase & promote your services on YouTube (2nd biggest search engine globally) with a video. Using all will expand your reach exponentially and grow your business.

Achieving A Better Return On Your Investment

If leads / sales are what your goals are, we will work continually to increase the profitability of your Google Ads campaigns, bringing in buyers, not browsers, to convert at a high rate & keep your cost per acquisition low. We are certified in Google Shopping, an amazing route to market for e-commerce stores. Adeo have been creating high performing ecommerce sites for over 14 years so we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that we market your products to the right target market and gain sales.

Target The Exact Right People At The Right Time

Google Ads is amazing at getting your business in those micro moments when clients at searching online and there is intent to make a purchase. Displaying your business to an audience that is ready to convert.

PPC Glasgow

Adeo group are a PPC agency with main HQ in Glasgow with offices (and google certified individuals) in the North East & London. We service clients all over the UK & Middle East for pay per click advertising and management across all verticles and sectors. If you are looking to improve your digital footprint, increase visibility and gain sales or leads we can assist. 

1st Page Exposure

Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second, that’s 3.5 billion searches per day. 67% of those clicks will stop at the 1st five. Pay Per Click Marketing is the quickest way to get visibility of your business shown within that premium real estate. A well created ad setup, utilising all functionality, can take up more space on the page, gain higher positions and push out your competitors. 

Targeted Ads

With paid search on google, the ads that are shown in the sponsored results can be tailored, and then, amended, tested, optimized and tracked to ensure you are converting at high level with maximum ROI. Part of adeos work is to consistently look and alter and improve to get exact combination of text in the ads and landing pages that works best for your business, resonates with your customers and drives conversions. 

Measuring & Monitoring

With your paid search campaigns, all ads, keyword and most importantly every penny you spend is tracked. This means we can measure acutely the CPA (cost per acquisition) to ensure that your google ad campaigns are working for your business. We link your google analytics, we set conversion tracking and goals, tailored to you, and then report the successes of your google advertising each month.

Dedicated PPC Advertising Team

Adeo Group are a certified Google Ads Partner. We have fully accredited & certified individuals looking after your campaigns. We will work with you in the initial stage to find the right phrases using google AdWords keyword tool and other platforms. We look at your target markets demographic makeup to create ads that will resonate and gain clicks.

We also have a team of designers on hand to help with landing pages & high impact display ads (banner advertising on the google display network). Our designers build landing pages that are created with your customers in mind, giving a great experience and are designed with 1 sole intention. To Convert.

At Adeo group with ppc management our we spend a lot of time working closely with our clients on their goals 6 months, 12months, 3 years, to look at a strategy for success, then implement cost effective campaigns to get results. We have helped many clients from all industries achieve amazing results from 396% ROI over one holiday weekend, lowering cost per acquisition by 53% on another, and taking a brand new start-up to top positions in competitive market within 6 months. We have the knowledge, and experience to help businesses flourish in the digital landscape.

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What is PPC management services?

PPC management is where a marketing team or agency supervise a businesses entire Pay per click ad strategy, campaigns, budget and outcomes. PPC services may vary with different management companies, Adeo PPC agency Glasgow take care of the following tasks:

Keyword Research: Discovering the words and phrases that your potential customers are searching.

Channels To Target: Selecting which paid channels to pursue. This may be google shopping, search ads, youtube advertising or google display network.

Monitoring Your PPC: It is essential to measure & monitor each campaign to constantly look for improvements. This ensures PPC efforts yield positive results with high conversions at a low cost per acquisition.

Competition analysis: Looking at what the competition is doing, which keywords they’re targeting and the ad creative they’re using (to uncover gaps they can fill in on their own).

Campaign optimization: Monitoring campaign & ad groups, optimizing based on top-performing keywords, time, demographics, devices, locations and more.

A/B Testing. Consistently split testing new ads and the landing pages. Making small primary changes and looking for the best ROI.

How much does it cost to manage a PPC campaign?

The costs for managing PPC campaigns can vary depending on several various elements. PPC management comes in as monthly retainer or in some instance as a % of the ad budget. The size and complexity of the campaign, the ad budget. The type of account, be it shopping, display, video, search ads campaigns. Design elements are also a factor, landing page design, video creation for youtube ads and display ads for remarketing and display ad campaigns. This can be from £500 per month up to £5000. Adeo PPC Glasgow starts for £1000 to setup.

What is PPC in digital marketing?

PPC is pay per click adverting. This is generally referred to with google ad or google Adwords as it was once known. This is where a business can pay to be shown high and prominent on the google search engine. You choose your target, your location your budget and create ads to send visitors to a dedicated landing page or website. PPC ads also include google shopping ads for e-commerce sites, Youtube ads and display ads on the Google display network.

What is a PPC company?

A PPC company should have the skillset to create & manage PPC campaigns to achieve your goals, be it sign up, leads or sales. Ideally, you want to choose a google partner as your PPC agency. A google partner has to go through many accreditations and exams with google as well as follow their strict guidelines and ensure custom growth to attain the partnership. At Adeo we are a PPC agency in Glasgow who have many accredited google experts and are a google partner.

How do you do a PPC campaign?

A PPC campaign is created using google ads dashboard. Any business with a google account can set up a GOOGLES ADS account. Once the account is created you can then start advertising in the google ads space. For novices, a quick and simple way to get listed is through google ads express. This utilizes googles a.i and your web to create ads and target your ideal clients. There are limitations with google express and for a more comprehensive view, more control and ultimately better results the full ads experience is recommended. This allows you to refine your campaigns for maximum results.

What is PPC in eCommerce?

PPC for eCommerce, or e-commerce PPC, is an online advertising strategy that promotes an online store and its products through PPC ads. These ads can display on search engines, social media networks, and websites. PPC for eCommerce works well for generating sales because it targets ready-to-buy shoppers. If your businesses have many products a cost-effective way to show your entire catalogue, including descriptions and images of that inventory.

How does pay per click work?

The way Google pay per click advertising works is that it shows ads in the results on a search engine (this is also known as Search Engine Results Page, or SERP) Advertisers pay for the ads to appear more prominently. However, advertisers cannot simply pay more to get their ads to appear higher than their competitors. Instead, ads are also subject to an Ad Auction. This is an automated process that Google and other major search engines use to determine how relevant the ads are to the searcher. This means businesses with lower budgets but more relevant ads and landing pages may appear higher up on the SERPs. This means a smaller business can compete with larger more established businesses.

How do I manage my Google Adwords?

To manage a google ads account will depend on the different type of campaigns that you are running. If you are new to google ads and have set up an Adwords express account and campaigns the management is minimal if any. With full ad campaigns, you will need to ensure regularly that you are getting the right people to right pages that are converting. You want buyers, not browsers. You can see above the management services which

Can I have more than one AdWords account?

You can have more than 1 AdWords account. If you have multiple businesses, sites or branches with separate google logins you can link to each google account.

How do I create a Google AdWords account?

Setting up a google account is again very simple. Firstly you’ll need a website and email address for the business. However, even if you don’t have a website, you can still create ads with smart campaigns through google ads express in about 20 minutes. Go to https://ads.google.com/home/ enter your email you want to use to sign in to your new Google Ads account. Enter the website address for the business that you want to advertise. Click Continue.

Is a Google AdWords account free?

Google ads are free to set up and manage. All you pay for is the ad spend which is incurred when you receive a click into your site, landing page or on your video.

How do I share my Google AdWords account?

It is very simple to share your Adwords account. The id located at the top right can be sent to your PPC agency who will then add to a master account. You can also add new users by going to the settings top right and add a new user.

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