Responsive Email Design Tips and Learn How to Make Responsive Email Design Template for Your Email Marketing Campaign

responsive email designCreating responsive designs that are effective within the world of email marketing isn’t just a ‘nice addition’ for your business’s digital marketing strategy. Nowadays, it is mandatory in order for your company to stand out from your competitors and to grasp the mobile customer market.

According to several consumer device reports conducted in 2014, more than 60% of emails are opened and viewed using a smartphone or Android. What’s more, a third of all online purchases in the UK are set to take place via mobile devices including smartphones and tablets this year with the number rising to 40% by 2019. This research shows how important it is to consider how your emails will show on both mobile and desktop before committing to an email marketing campaign.

What Matters in Responsive Email Design?

Font Size

One incredibly important aspect of creating effective responsive email design is the size and style of the font. Considering that roughly two thirds of all emails are now read on a mobile device, it’s more proficient to use a font which is too large as opposed to too small. Minuscule text will fail to grab the attention of potential customers as they will often not take the time to zoom in. The style of your font also plays an important role as it needs to be easy and comfortable to digest, while simultaneously complimenting the image of your brand and style of your website; continuity will help to keep your customers tuned in.

Link Density

Another test proven factor of effective online marketing techniques is not to place links too close together. A bigger font size can sometimes deal with this issue. Consumers are generally inpatient when on the move and if they accidentally ‘thumb’ the wrong link, you may lose their attention for good. For a lot of mobile users clicking a link will open up in their web browser which is often in a seperate app. Once they have left the email they are less likely to return. This means it is important to consider the amount and order of links in your email in order to generate the biggest conversion rate.

Hero Products

Following on from this, it is generally a good rule of thumb to place the most valuable or exciting information at the top of the email to capture your audience. Once customers have scrolled down the screen, they will have already decided whether they are interested or not, so it is vital to make the first couple of sentences the most eye catching and imaginative. Some effective email marketing campaigns use one product or image as the ‘Hero Image’ to grab attention. Having too many images can be less visually enticing.


By using geo-targeted email strategies, your potential customers will experience a more personalised tone when reading your emails. You can also use geo-targeted emails to point out the closest store to their home or current address.

Why Include Email Marketing In Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Creating both an Email marketing strategy and over-arching digital marketing strategy is important to ensure your business experiences a good conversion rate from online marketing efforts. Email marketing is an inexpensive and trackable marketing method that has proven itself to be an effective tool within a digital marketing strategy. One recent study found that customers attracted via email are 12% more valuable than an average customer and it is widely agreed to be better at converting than social media.

Email Marketing & Adeo Group

Adeo Group have created our own RedBack Email Marketing Software to give you complete control over the way you create and send email campaigns. RedBack Email Marketing Software lets you create customised emails which can promote and embody your brand as much as your logo, business card, website and blog. To find out more contact Adeo Group today.

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