Responsive Web Design Keeps Customers Happy

shutterstock_105391118Since the introduction of the smartphone and tablet PC, the web design industry has had to make a number of fundamental changes to ensure it continues to produce high-quality sites that function on many different devices. Thankfully they have risen to the challenge and, with the advent of responsive web design, we are all able to enjoy fantastic web design in the palm of our hands.

Responsive web design aims to provide an optimal viewing experience for its users and customers regardless of the device they are using. This means that websites offer greater legibility and ease of use without users having to pan, scroll or resize the site on their particular device. Whether you are booking flights with a smartphone, following maps on a tablet or reading the news on your laptop, this new methodology aims to make the process as simple and as appealing as possible.

RWD achieves the integration of websites across a multitude of devices by using flexible images, proportion based grids and CSS3 media queries that automatically adapt to the given proportions on any particular screen. This means that websites are able to offer a flexible, professional and, most importantly, usable interface for users and customers wherever they wish to access them.

The benefits of RWD are clear to any business or organisation that wishes to ensure that customers actually enjoy the experience of navigating a website – and therefore become repeat users. A well designed website that functions seamlessly on any screen is also a cost effective alternative to device specific apps – essentially replacing the high costs of conceptualising and designing a separate piece of functional software.

Finally, as the smartphone and tablet market continues to grow at a seemingly exponential rate, an increasing number of online stores and other web based businesses are turning to RWD in an effort to remain at the vanguard of eCommerce. Customers and other users are becoming more and more savy when it comes to the web and, since your website is the digital equivalent of your store front, it pays to project a suitably professional digital shop window.

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