Responsive Web Design

shutterstock_195478520As modern handset devices such as tablets and smartphones are becoming more common and prevalent, it is apparent that sites designed and constructed for display on desktop computers using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other browsers, are unreadable on these mobile devices.

Before the conception of handset devices with advanced capabilities for web browsing, web designers faced only one key primary challenge; keeping the same feel and look of their websites in different desktop computer browsers.

Because of the increased use of handset internet, it has become vital for a website be mobile and user friendly. Developing two different websites for the handset user and desktop user has proved to be a daunting task for web designers. So, is it feasibly possible to have a design that can hold and accommodate both user types? Yes, through a design known as responsive web design.

What is RWD (Responsive Web Design)?

RWD or Responsive Web Design is an approach that lays out and codes a website such that it provides an excellent viewing experience, clear and easy reading as well as navigation with minimal resizing, scrolling and panning across a number of devices (from personal computer monitor screens to mobile phones. For instance, when a person uses his desktop to access a site, he will get its full view and when he visits the same site using his tablet or smartphone, the site reverses to suitably fit on the lesser screen.

Why is Responsive Web design so important?

With responsive design for your website, you never have to anguish over having disparate websites for different devices. Some of the most important reasons to make you switch to a responsive design for your site include;

Proliferation of Handset Devices

Internet traffic originating from modern internet enabled handset devices is spiralling exponentially each day with more and more people getting used to browsing using their tablets and smartphones. A “one-site fits all devices” will soon become a norm.

Easier to Manage and Saves on Time and Money

The impression that developing a responsive design is costly is just a notion. The real fact is that, while the cost of developing it is a little bit more than developing a conventional website, the expenses that will be incurred in duplicating a similar website for handset devices gets completely eliminated. As a result, the total development costs are significantly reduced. To add on this, a responsive design completely cuts the ownership cost by eliminating the effort required to maintain various versions of the website.

Greater User Experience

While, content for any given site is king and discovering of content is the foremost success used, it is the experience encountered by the user that enables a visitor consume content on a given website through the preferred choice of device. Thus, responsive design is all about providing an excellent user experience irrespective of the device in use (desktop computer, tablet, smartphone or smart-TV).

The Way Ahead

To survive in the world of business, it is vital that you be one step ahead of your competitors. Current statistics show that more and more people are using handset devices to access and make online purchases. Rather than compartmentalizing your website content into different device specific modules, it is only wise that you adopt the new responsive design technology to cater for the growing audience using handset devices by providing a mobile friendly site. Responsive Web Design (RWD) offers the best way forward for many websites. Adeo Group have built multiple RWD websites e.g. Maxim Wealth Management and Ultrimax

If you would like to find out more about responsive web design contact Adeo Group in Glasgow, Newcastle, London or Dubai. Our experienced team of web designers and developers will be happy to help.

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