Sage 200 Integration

By integrating powerful RedBack software with Sage 200 Accountancy, easily manage accounts, stock and a website from one intuitive interface.

By integrating with Sage 200 Accountancy, reduce the exhaustive work that is usually involved in managing accounts, stock and a website.

Seamless Ecommerce Integration to Sage 200 Accounts

One of the biggest issues with managing an ecommerce site is to manage the accounts and stock management of your products from one database.

With the Sage 200 integration you are able to easily transfer data between the sage system and the website including, product information, orders and despatches.

Obviously this has a number of benefits as the data between your offline and online business remains consistent and much easier to manage. This enables you to focus on the day to day running of the website and maximise your profit.

We have spent a great deal of time developing this link with our Sage Partner Eureka Solutions and this is a simple addon that’s installed on the sage server which can run automatically at set intervals.

Imagine the Power of Sage 200 Accounts and Redback Ecommerce Delivering Results on the web

Features Included

  • Automatic exchange of data between sage and the website.
  • Manage your product catalogue on sage and upload specific products to the website including prices, stock levels and images.
  • Orders are automatically downloaded to sage and created as an order without manual processing along with the option of customer records being automatically created or amended.
  • Management of your accounts from one system, we let sage do its job, managing and reporting on the accounts within the company. Having this flexibility is imperative with large companies and reducing the manpower involved.
  • Data entry in reduced as most of the information is entered via sage, however we leave the important search engine ranking parts available via the website so you can tweak the content to rank highly on the search engines.
  • Reduction of errors through manual input, duplication is eliminated and this keeps the data as accurate as possible.
  • The sage module is easy to install and with a few configuration entries you can be up and running in no time.

For more information on our Sage ecommerce integration with Sage 200 Data Exchange please call us on 0845 241 8228 or get in touch via email to find out more.

*some features may differ on Sage 50 integration

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