What are the benefits of Sage Integrated Websites?

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Sage is designed and built to help companies manage their accounts and business operations with comfort and ease. It provides one solution for sharing data and allows to save time, money and resources. Sage accounting software can be easily integrated into your website enabling you to keep stock levels up to date automatically. One of the biggest issues with managing an eCommerce site is to manage the account and stocks of your products from one database. What are the key advantages of integrating your website with Sage? Here are a few crucial benefits of Sage integrated websites.

24 Hours Website Availability

Sage integration enables the business marketing platform to be available and accessible by your customers 24/7. The customers therefore can place an order at their convenience. It allows the business to accept orders even when the system is offline. The orders will be queued up and transmitted when the system is back online. In fact, you will not miss any order or inconvenience any client.

Customer can Access Data easily on your website

By integrating your site with sage, you grant your clients access to important information 24/7. It means that your business inventory information is always up to date. With a full site sage integration, you can include information such as invoice history, order history, username, shipping tracking, password management and re-order capabilities.

Automatic transfer of orders and customer related data

Sage integrated websites allow automatic transfer of order and customers information without having to re-key in the information across the system. This will lead to reduction in lost staff time and resolving issues related to inaccuracies. Invoicing and other back-end operations will be more efficient and allow orders from customers to be fulfilled more quickly and with minimal errors.

Secure data transfer

Data security is a crucial issue for any modern business, whether it is about data recovery/business continuity or unauthorized access to information of customer and company. Failure to address these issues could result into major financial loss to your business. With sage integration, the data of your business and customers are secured at all times.

Can Sage enable your team to work more efficiently?

Absolutely! Integrating your website with Sage allows your employees to focus on the business rather than manually re-typing, answering questions that could be better answered on the site, or chasing order information for customers. With real time data synchronising between your site and Sage, your business and customers will appreciate the benefits.

Adeo Group specialists can integrate your website with Sage 50 or Sage 200 systems. Sage allows you to automatically import sales orders, invoices, contacts, payments, various transactions and more. It can help you to control inventory and stock levels, product categories and even various marketing campaigns. Contact us today and see how we can help.

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