Sage Integration for Small and Medium Businesses

shutterstock_195021491Small and medium businesses require smart solutions for sales data management and accounting. Automating some of these processes offers great rewards, in terms of improved productivity, lowered cost, and greater accuracy. Sage integration has proved to be a gift for businesses for the reasons mentioned below.

What are the key advantages of Sage system?

Sage 50 solutions for accounting offers better accuracy and speed, and helps businesses perform a number of functions, from creating payrolls to keeping track of payments. For many small ecommerce companies, creating a reliable system for managing credit card payments can be daunting and this software takes care of the problem. In the process, it makes it easier for customers to make payments.

Another function is to keep the business owner or accountant up to date with the financial situation of the business, and also help them with tax calculation by offering correct data. If the software is integrated with the website, it becomes easier for it to pull data directly from the site, offering a considerable degree of automation, and thus, freeing the business from devoting more personnel hours to the task.

Sage 200 is suitable for businesses with up to 200 employees. It offers more benefits and features including CRM, finance, and also, sophisticated intelligence for better decision making. From taking care of the little but crucial tasks, to giving you the overall big picture where finances are concerned, Sage integration does it all. At the click of a mouse, you can access different types of data, be it historical information about sales and orders, discounts and pricing, or shipping dates.

Why integrate Sage with eCommerce Sites?

Better integration helps in customer retention, greater conversions, and less manpower required for managing the sales and transaction tracking aspects. However, you need the right Sage integration service, one that customises the software to your requirements, in order to reap the full benefits. For example, businesses differ in the levels of automation they require or expect; therefore, somebody experienced in catering to the expectations of ecommerce businesses is mandatory.

If Sage integration is part of a larger overhaul of your business, you might also want to have someone on board who can assess the website design and improve its functionality. These two criteria should be kept in mind when you look for assistance in Sage integration for ecommerce sites.

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