Sail Your Content Strategy To Success By Google’s BERT Update

Sail Your Content Strategy To Success By Google’s BERT Update

Sail Your Content Strategy To Success By Google’s BERT Update


Google’s Bidirectional Encoder Representations, also known as BERT, is the new hit of the digital community at the moment. Google announced it at the beginning of this year, and it has been creating a stir in the SEO community ever since.  It is designed to help Google get a better idea of natural language processing organically.  It understands the user’s query in a better way and shows more precise results. Now, this creates an opportunity for SEO and content strategists to look for unorthodox ways to make a strategy work wonders for your business online. Here’s how BERT can be harnessed;


  1. Ambiguity Works Best With BERT:

As far as the SEO specialists have researched, BERT works best against informational queries. These queries prove to be the best way for Google’s algorithm to render your website’s content genuine. BERT’s algorithm mostly works around providing direct answers to ambiguous and unclear queries. You can design your content marketing strategy around question-based content leading to having more chances of appearing on the search engine.


  1. Why Should You Be Still Focusing On Long Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are very much still in the SEO fashion. You can still make use of them to give direct answers to informational queries. Audio transcripts are still one of the best ways to get your website content on indexing. Long-tail keywords provide an excellent room for answering specific questions. Building highly focused content on highly specific questions is a great way to go about.


  1. Precision is the Golden Key:

As it has been repeatedly mentioned, it still holds prime importance that lengthier content will not guarantee you better ranking on search engines. A standard content should be focused around 400 to 500 words. Precision more than length is what you should be looking for in your SEO strategy. Your content should provide a more concise and fulfilling answer to the user, which should be equally engaging and interactive.


  1. Never Forget The Wise Words “Write For Your User”

As Google keeps on pressing it year after year and strives to revolve its algorithms around it that “Keep your content user-focused”. The more your content revolves around solving your target audience’s basic questions, the more it is likely to appear on the search engine. Your content should be focused on words that your audience can directly relate to. Avoiding misleading, distracting and irrelevant content can save you a great deal of traffic to your online business. Market research is the key to unlock this for your marketing strategy.

Designing your next SEO strategy for content marketing around BERT’s updates can save your business a great ordeal online. Having a well thought and well-gelled SEO strategy could be the best favour that you can do for your business. But for this, you need expertise.

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