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With the introduction of a number of new ways of reaching potential customers today, online marketing has become an almost basic tool for any marketer. One of the best ways of making sales and generating leads through improved online presence despite the increased competition is by creating well-crafted landing pages for this sole purpose. For a landing page to be effective, it requires search engine optimisation (SEO) such that the target group is easily directed to it and gets information relevant to their needs. Sounds complicated right? Here are a few simple tips to help you create an effective landing page.

Understand what you want from the landing page.

What is it that you need from the webpage? It could be sales leads, customers’ feedback on your products or services, to inform your clients of planned changes or to simply spark conversations. Whatever the objective is, the page has to be able to achieve it and produce the best results possible. While creating the landing page, knowing the general profile of the target demographic group is also crucial as it will help create content and webpage designs suited for the chosen target market group. Also incorporate relevant keywords and utilise quality backlinks to direct the right people.

Why is content of a landing page so important?

Content is the key to getting everything out of landing pages. Catchy headlines, well laid design, user friendly layout, use of appropriate pictures and videos and good copywriting skills are essential in the optimization of landing pages. A good title generates interest but it is what comes after the title that keeps people interested. It is therefore crucial to match a good title with interesting subtitles and informative text. Also make sure that content is thoroughly proofread so that you do not get penalised by search engines for providing low-quality content. Moreover, include a review section and contact details. This is because regularly updated reviews and content will help improve your rank on search engines. Lastly, remember to date all new content as search engines usually prefer the latest updated content and sort this through webpage update dates.

SEO Tips

While creating the landing page, think like the user, use clear language and be concise. You should also add meta-titles and meta-descriptions to help search engines, and consequently users find your page more easily.

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