SEO tips you must follow in 2019! Essential SEO Tips & Tricks to Improve Website Ranking


Marketers are constantly working on new ways to improve their online presence and ranking with search engine optimization, or SEO. According to a study by, there are over 12 billion web searches carried out every month in the US alone, and the importance of SEO cannot be overstated. It helps businesses get visibility, drive quality traffic, boost your brand and give it the kind of credibility that’s necessary to succeed.

2019 may be halfway over, but the busiest time of the year commercially is yet to come. If you’re wondering what the latest SEO trends of 2019 are, then here’s a handy guide to seven of the year’s most exciting developments.


The Rising Prominence of Social Content

There is no questioning the importance of social media. Content from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, for example, has a huge impact on the way people see businesses. More than 76% of marketers are using social media to make their brands more visible and this number is rising all the time. More and more posts on social media are being indexed on Google and other search engines and a brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages are almost always in the top results in listings.

Video Content Gets More Attention

Aside from being a great way of engaging with your audience, videos can also improve your page ranking. A report published by Marketing Land found that videos account for 62% of all Google searches. It’s also been found that videos receive 50 times better page results organically, and the click-through rate is over 40% higher. Google gives more attention to blended search results, so it’s definitely worth getting on board and including video content on your pages.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

These days, more and more people are accessing the internet using smartphones, tablets and laptops than ever before. Last year saw a surge in the number of brands who went “mobile-friendly” and this year has seen that trend continue. Google has also ensured that websites that are mobile-friendly are getting a boost to their ranking on mobile searches in order to deliver more mobile-appropriate content to those browsing on devices. Without question, making a mobile-friendly version of your site is an increasingly important factor.

Voice Search Compatibility

Voice searching is a convenient and safe feature that people on the go are using more frequently. This feature is common on almost all new mobile devices and it saves the user time and effort. Making sure that your content is searchable via voice searches will help drive traffic to your site.

The Rise of Content Aggregation

A study by Digital currentchas shown that people are more frequently searching for websites that provide all the information they need in one place. Content aggregation is a useful and practical method for collating and displaying content on pre-specified criteria to appeal to a certain demographic. Making sure that the content on your site is collected from a variety of reputable sources can help build your own authority and drive traffic to your site.

The Continuing Growth of Mobile Apps

Tech Crunch has estimated that more than 50% of time spent on digital media is spent on apps. Another report has put the number closer to 85%. Businesses who spend time investing in an easy-to-use app will find that this will translate into increased traffic and the revenue that comes with it.

Localise Your SEO

Allowing Google to know your location will drive more traffic to your website from your local area, thus increasing your relevant local audience. Local SEO has become more prominent since Google launched its Pigeon update. Ensuring that your content contains keywords that are location specific and personalised to your target audience will bring with it a higher search engine listing.

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