Social Commerce and the Digital Era

Social Commerce The modern-day tool for expanding businesses

Social commerce sounds more like a subject than anything else. However, by definition, it is a big part of our everyday lives. Social Commerce is the way we use social media platforms and an online presence to further commercial success. 

From eBay to Amazon and the rise of digital transactions, social commerce could not be any more relevant to us than it is today. 

Social Commerce: The what and the why

From the use of social media platforms in performing e-commerce transactions over the internet. This includes business to business transactions as well as business to consumer transactions.

It is no surprise that the era of technology has brought forth more methods of convenience, including online transactions.

It was about a decade ago that the idea of purchasing anything online was a practice relatively new and thought to be generally risky; a perspective that has significantly died down with the rise of giant corporations wishing to expand their market; undoubtedly creating a demand of said practice-allowing many individuals fast access, availability and reach.

Social Commerce: The modern-day tool for expanding businesses

Social media platforms continue to provide corporations and businesses with both, big and small the opportunity to create a loyal following across the globe.

According to 2019’s Global Digital Report, there has been a 9.1% increase in online traffic, estimating as many as a whopping 4.4 billion users online.

A key point to note is that most online shoppers perform e-transactions via a social media channel. This is because the platforms have been kept up to date with the rise in e-commerce transactions to keep up with the increase in online traffic. A good example of this is the popular Instagram- a platform that now allows businesses as well as individuals to create a customised account solely for business purposes. This allows many to establish a strong, firm advantage over rivals and other potential businesses.

2020 Trends of today: Social Commerce Edition

As social commerce continues to grow, it is no surprise to see a rise in projects designed to enhance hidden e-commerce potential. A good example of this is the updated “checkout” feature introduced on Instagram, which allows users to make e-transactions without redirecting the buyer to a third-party app.

Social media platforms and social commerce are not independent of one another. The evolution of social media will undoubtedly mean the evolution of the manner in which one can make transactions online. The “swipe up” feature on most platforms including those meant purely for the sake of entertainment (such as Tik Tok) allows users to access an online shop within the same window/application.

This recent move via Tik Tok is especially one to take note of, as the platform itself has started to blossom- directly meaning an increase in traffic to said websites offering online transactions.

With social commerce on the rise, most of the young demographic have familiarised themselves with online shopping and hence-online transactions.

Business Benefits:

  • Increased traffic and audience growth: Using social media to create an online presence​ will allow individuals to see and hear from you through another channel (instead of magazines and other means of getting the consumers attention).
  • Higher Search Engine Ranking: Interactions on social media can lead to more than just​ direct online transactions. Increased traffic to your site can have a significant effect on your ranking on search engines such as Google.
  • Business Metrics: One notable benefit of running an online business is following up and​   analyzing how well your business is performing. This is because many such platforms i.e Facebook, Instagram etc. have built-in metrics that allow you to track impressions, reach and engagements. This makes it easier to track your performance and can allow you to make quick improvements as well.

Social Commerce: The way forward

The concept of e-transactions have and their use has been well established-as well as the many benefits social commerce can possibly bring to a business. Offering a myriad of business benefits from increasing sales to driving traffic, to increasing customer engagement and website​               traffic; it’s safe to say that it is the era of the internet and having an online presence is the way forward. 

ADEO Group, Digital Agency Glasgow understand the importance of your online presence and provide specialized SEO Services to optimise search engine results and Social Media Marketing for all businesses, allowing your brand to grow to its utmost potential; understanding that the only way forward is via an online presence.

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