Social Media Content Scheduling Tips and the Best Tool For Scheduling Social Media Posts

Scheduling. The absolute godsend for all businesses with limited time. We would all love to be “in the moment” all day every day but frankly, it’s impossible.


Luckily Facebook and Twitter ( both have their own scheduling facilities to use for free. Other management tools such as Hootsuite, Sproutsocial and Buffer can also give you a helping hand, keep everything in one place and give you some extra functionalities.

Hootsuite Scheduling

Here’s some handy Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind:


Do take advantage of autoscheduling. Hootsuite will publish your posts when your account is most likely to see high engagement. Make sure to take a note of this when creating content on the go.


Don’t schedule carbon copies of your posts on every channel. For your diehard fans who follow you on all of these, it can be a bit disappointing to see the same message across the board and it doesn’t give much incentive to follow your brand on every platform. For posts on the same message, change up the images, tweak the wording and schedule for a different time or day.

Identical Content? Yawn...


Do plan for key dates. Had a great idea for the day of your product launch but missed it because…well…you were too busy launching your product? Schedule a countdown to an event or an email blast the day before with exclusive details. These can be set up months in advance!

Dr Who Countdown


Do review your scheduled content. Check up on your posts to make sure they’ve been published how you wanted them to be. Sent out at 9am, 12pm, 5.30pm and hate that it actually looks planned? Adjust your posting time to 8.55am, 12.10pm, 5.25pm etc to give the impression it wasn’t.


Don’t just schedule and forget about it. You still need to respond to comments and messages. Use the time you saved by scheduling to keep up with notifications and other content.


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