The 10 Commandments of creating exceptional PPC Landing pages

The 10 Commandments of creating exceptional PPC (Pay Per Click) Landing pages

The 10 Commandments of creating exceptional PPC (Pay Per Click) Landing pages


Are you having a tough time in optimising your PPC Landing pages? If yes, then look no further as we give you the ten (10) best practices that can drastically improve the results of any PPC campaign. Follow these commandments and see your PPC conversion rate soar higher and higher.


1- Keywords Relevancy Matters:

First thing first, keyword relevancy is central to PPC management. If you are not bidding on the right keywords, you are fighting a lost battle. In order to build an efficient campaign, spend ample time on Google Ads (earlier known as Google AdWords), research the right keywords, create compelling ads, and make sure to create or assign the landing pages that are most relevant to your keywords.

  • 2- Make full use of Title Tags and Meta Data:

Your landing pages must have relevant title tags and meta-descriptions that will make the website search engine friendly. You can substantially increase the click-through rate (CTR) by adding relevant metadata on your landing page.

  • 3- Content is King:

It’s a no-brainer that content of your landing page has to be of supreme quality. No matter how good your PPC campaign is, if the content on the landing page doesn’t provide the customer what he needs, the conversion will not happen. Make sure to write content that is relevant, concise and easy to understand. Write catchy taglines, make headings and keep the content length to the minimal. Don’t beat around the bush. Simply write content that gives answers to a users’ question and gives them a good overview of your business/product.

  • 4- Direct the Customer towards Call-to-Action Button

Nothing could be more tragic than to have a customer who clicks your ad, comes to your site, spends a good time there but finally leaves because he could not find a Call-to-Action (CTA) Button. In such cases, you have only yourself to blame. Make sure to have compelling CTA phrases and smartly placed CTA Buttons on your landing page. Whether it is “Learn More” or “Buy Now” button, you have to carefully choose what will work best for your customers.

  • 5- Don’t ignore the little things:

While taking care of the essentials, don’t forget to test form fields, form styles and even button colour of your landing pages. However insignificant they may seem; these factors can hugely affect the performance of your landing page.

  • 6- Create a user-centred design:

A poorly designed landing page could decrease your PPC Quality Score. You need to create a user-centred design to grasp the attention of your potential customers. A mobile-first design should be your priority as the majority of the users access the web through mobile phones. Don’t forget to test your PPC landing page for mobiles and other relevant devices. You should also have some emergency exit on the landing page. It doesn’t matter how good your page is, make sure to give your users a way to navigate off the landing page.

  • 7- Don’t distract the customer:

One of the essentials of a user-centred approach is not to distract the visitors through too many pop-ups, push notifications, chatbots and tracking pixels. A good PPC management is where you grab the potential customers through search, take them to your landing page, and swiftly make a conversion. Try to remove the things that come in between the way and may ruin the user experience.

  • 8- Fulfil the need for speed:

Google suggests that 53% of mobile visitors leave a page that takes more than three seconds to load. So it doesn’t matter if your PPC landing page has the best content and design; if it doesn’t load within three seconds, you will lose a customer. So act fast and grab the customer’s attention with a fast and responsive landing page.

  • 9- Carefully Customise your page:

A landing page customised for a specific type of user-base may sound like a great idea. However, you need to be careful while doing so because users can have genuine privacy concerns. You may tweak the landing page content and design based on users’ location, demographics or entry channel. But how much you can personalise is your call, depending on user preferences and the service you provide.

  • 10- Always put your customers before conversions:


Conversion is undoubtedly the end goal of your campaign, but this goal could only be achieved if you put your customers first. In other words, cater to your customers, conversions will automatically follow.  A well thought out PPC campaign, coupled with a compelling landing page will ensure a good PPC quality score and a lot of conversions.

The Final Word

By following our ten commandments, you will be able to create a compelling PPC campaign. If you need even more wholesome and successful Google Adwords campaign for your business, then ADEO Group is here to guide you. We are a Glasgow, London based PPC agency that specialises in SEO services. We will serve as your trusted Google Ads Partner ensuring cost-effective campaigns that will provide you with maximum ROI in the shortest possible time.

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I would definitely recommend Adeo for a high quality and professional service, and for those looking to really take their website to the next level!

- Conor Graham, Ecommerce Manager, Eden Mill

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