Is Your Business Embracing the Mobile Revolution?

mcommerce mobile commerceThe first Internet revolution in commerce came with the arrival of the web, where online shopping grew from humble beginnings to a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry with web giants such as Amazon turning the way we shop upside down. Nowadays it is a rarity if a business doesn’t have an presence online, and for many the online arena is a vital source of generating sales.

However this was not always the case as many businesses were slow on the uptake, with even giants like Microsoft doubting the long term future of the web. Now, we are experiencing a second revolution – mcommerce – due to the development of mobile and tablet software and there are echoes of the past with many companies reluctant to invest in this new sales channel. This could be a huge mistake, as many believe mobile is set to be the dominant form of online shopping within a mere few years.

Maturing of the Market

Where once mobile commerce was the preserve of geeks with expensive phones, browsing clunky versions of sites that made shopping a chore, the arrival of advanced smartphones and latterly tablet computing has made that cliché obsolete. Today’s advanced web site has smartphone versions that are every bit as slick as the desktop originals, and now even mainstream sites are beginning to copy their look and feel.

Research suggests that around 35% of all ecommerce purchases take place via smartphones or tablet. Not surprisingly, it is the youngest segment of the population that spends the most in this way, so it is clear that this is a market that will only grow in the coming years. Developing an mcommerce site will help your business to tap into this growing market and keep you ahead of competitors.

Making Buying Simple

Key to the rise of smartphone shopping is the immediacy and ease that the best experiences provide. In-app purchases are a case in point – services such as Google Play make buying a new book or piece of software as simple as a few taps on the screen. It is this immediacy that your commerce business will need to pay attention to if you wish to thrive in the new arena, whether through apps or traditional style web sites – the days of long, drawn out checkout processes will soon be far behind us, if they are not already.

The growing pace of online life also has huge business implications in the realm of social media advertising. If you are able to put the right proposition in front of the right customer just when they’re ready to buy, then follow through with making the buying process as smartphone-friendly as possible, you will have a powerful sales technique that few businesses are fully exploiting so far.

Your Business’s Future

So should your business be paying more attention to this new arrival? Is there still time to join the party? It’s true that giants like Google and Amazon have an extremely strong foothold and are unlikely to be outpaced by anyone any time soon, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to play for. Google have recently implemented a new filter in their search engine that makes it more difficult for non-responsive sites to be found with phone-based searches, and despite the search leaders giving an unusually long warning that a change was coming, only a minority of online businesses have fully embraced the opportunity that this represents.

By acting quickly and implementing an effective strategy before your competitors, there’s still time for any online business to participate in the mcommerce revolution.

If you are interested in creating an mcommerce site then Adeo Group a Digital Marketing Agency are able to help. Our web development team are experts in creating responsive designs with SEO and have recently worked on mcommerce stores for some of our biggest clients. To find out more contact us today.

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