The Most Trending Social Media Tricks You Should be Looking for in 2020


  • Social media has become a giant in recent times, and every business needs a solid digital presence. The platform has grown in size, and so has the competition. It’s getting tougher each day for brands to break through the social media glitches and make a mark. In times like today, here are some of the social media tricks you need to be aware of in 2020;
    1. Make the most of the influencers:

    The social media influencer market is on the rise more than ever before. Adopting and designing an influencer based social media marketing strategy can be the game-changer for your business. These influencers have an organic following and really influence the choices of genuine audiences. Your sales can really turn over with the help of these influencer tiers.


    1. Explore Unorthodox Social media Platforms:

    Reddit and TikTok have emerged as some of the unconventional promotional social media platforms, and they have taken the social media world by storm. Diversity in social media platforms and exploring them for promoting your business could prove to be a great plus.


    1. Empower Employee Advocacy For Better Sales:

    Your employees are the biggest assets your company is already investing in. Make use of them by providing them more content to post about and share on their own social media platforms, especially the salespeople. Employee advocacy can really prove to be a successful area in social media marketing that is yet to be explored. It’s a hot trend in 2020.


    1. Make Use of Storytelling:

    Storytelling is one trend that is on top and will remain so in 2020 also. People on the other side of the computer screens love to read and see things they can personally connect and relate with. It could be a blog post, a promotional line, short video or a GIF as long as it says something your target audience experience in real life it’s a hit.


    1. Tread on Videography and YouTube:

    YouTube and video content on webpages have become the latest trend. It started in 2019 and will be used in full throttle in 2020 as well. YouTube is a huge platform that has now started accepting ads brands. Designing a smart and precise YouTube oriented social media marketing strategy can earn potential leads for your business.


    Designing a social media marketing strategy and developing methods to make the most of these social media trends of 2020 is a cumbersome task. It requires expertise as it can cost you the repute of your business online and eventually, the whole business. Adeo Group, digital agency, Glasgow, London is a renowned digital agency that provides solutions to your social media marketing issues.

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