Top 10 Effective SEO Techniques for Your Website That Will Boost up your Ranking in 2019

Search Engine OptimizationDo you have a website for your business? Would you like to attract higher number of visitors to your website? Ten simple tips will help your business generate all the customer flow you need.

What are your competitors up to?

Is there somebody out there selling similar products or services to you? What are their web pages like? Do some research, type relevant keywords into Google and see what happens. See who is ranked high and why. What is it about their website that gives them a good SEO Improve on it!

Why use Google’s keyword planner?

Keywords can be quite tricky. Google’s keyword planner helps you to find the most searchable keywords and check if the keywords you are using are correct.

Use this tool to type in keywords and see how they perform. Use this information to create new keywords and lay down a successful search engine optimisation strategy. Add your findings to your website, title tags and meta-descriptions.

How to optimise local pages with high volume local keywords?

If you can hit specific geographic areas where you know you can provide a good service, your conversion rate will soar. If someone is looking for an electrician they need to know you’re on the doorstep, not on the other side of the country. If search engines know you’re locality your business will prosper. Be as specific as possible with your title tag and meta-description and more hits will become conversions.

Do you have a strategy for internal linking?

Use your hyperlinks efficiently so potential customers can get to where they need to be on your website as quickly as possible. Ready to press click and commit to you.

Why set up a Google Local listing (Google+)?

If your business is location specific and this can be verified, then using Google Local listing will mean your business shows up across Google, features on Google maps and customers can be directed physically to your doorstep as well as to your website.

How to encourage your customers to leave reviews on Google listings?

Are you providing a good product or service and most importantly, good customer service? If the answer is yes, then you want the world including potential customers to know this. Influencing them to review you is a great way of spreading the good news about your business. Follow up your interaction with a polite email to see if they were happy. Keep in touch with them, without being pushy. Make it easy to leave reviews on your website or give links to review platforms and the good reviews will follow.

Why should your website be mobile responsive?

In 2014 mobile internet access has surpassed desktop for the first time.

Make sure your website is designed to look good and work properly on desktops as well as mobile devices. Your customer can interact seamlessly with you, wherever they are.

Did you know that Google has recently introduced mobile labels for mobile optimised websites to help web surfers choose more convenient website option.

Should you set up Google analytics?

This useful tool tracks statistics about the usage of your website and measures conversions and sales. You can easily examine what works for your website and what doesn’t. You can see how many people visited your site, social media or blogs and improve the information depending on what works the best.

Why should you write your own product descriptions?

Who knows your products and services better than you? Nobody. Play around at describing them in a brief but eye-catching way. Grab attention quickly. Google analytics will tell you if it’s working, if not review and rewrite it until you’re spot on. Click here and find out more about the importance of original and fresh product descriptions.

Keep an eye on SEO trends!

The Internet world changes rapidly and trends change along with it. You need to keep on top of this. Content Marketing and Responsive Web Design are the top trends of the moment, but this might change. Keep your eye on the ball and remain competitive.

Follow these ten simple SEO techniques, dedicate some time to them and watch your business prosper.

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