Top 10 Ways To Gain Quick Conversions Through Web Design

Some web designers often get carried away while designing web pages, especially if their goal is to create catchy and stunning designs that attract online shoppers. However, as a web designer, that should not be your only aim. You need to convert the attraction of your website visitors into higher sales. Even though attracting visitors is important, you need to ensure that the conversion rates are high to achieve the marketing goals. So, it is important that web designers incorporate ideas that will increase sales volumes and the following tips are sure to help with conversions.

Advancements in technology can go a long way in enhancing creativity and help you design better websites that bring in sales. Take a look at the infographic below to know more.

Infographic showing the 10 ways technology can improve your creativity

Most of the people who shop online do not get enough time to search for information regarding the products they want to buy. So, it will save them a lot of time, if you provide quick reviews of goods that you have put up for sale. This move might also prompt the users to buy the product as they can quickly verify whether it meets their requirements and needs.

2) Allow customers to take charge of their shopping experience

Each online shopper will have different preferences, so it is important to provide them a variety of choices that allows the consumers to opt for what is best for them. For Example – some shoppers prefer to categorize items by price. Others might classify items by reviews or release dates.
Provide all the necessary categories and leave it to the customers to decide how they want to navigate through the products as they shop. This way, the shoppers can get what they are searching for quickly and makes the shopping experience better as well.

3) Make your shopping cart visible

It is important to understand that visibility of the shopping cart can play a significant role in driving sales. Most shoppers might want to buy what you have put on sale, but they can’t do it if they are unable to spot the shopping cart. This way, you might miss the chance to get a product sold. And that too not because you are selling the wrong item. It is because one of the most significant features is not clearly visible to the shoppers who might be in a hurry.
Also, make sure that the shopping cart is displaying the items that the customers add to the cart. Searching for products to check out should be an easy process for the client.

4) Provide an autocomplete search function

Some shoppers would prefer to search for the product directly. So, it is important to have a feature that will let the user find services or products that meet their needs and requirement. This could also eliminate getting more results than the user wants, especially in the case of misspellings. The auto-complete function can also increase the chances of the user getting what he/she was looking for exactly.

5) Keep your product pages organized and clean

If your product page is not categorized properly, then it could be a huge turn off for the shoppers who visit your website. They would want to see what they are buying with an information flow that helps them make the right decision. Begin with the image, name, short description about the product and price. Confusing the user is the last thing you want to do, so place the reviews in the bottom of the page.

6) Come up with a convincing and clear value proposition

Why do you think that an online shopper should buy from your website? Sometimes, designers miss the most important thing that may influence the customer’s decision – value proposition. Make it compelling, clear and straightforward. You should also ensure that the offer you provide is not something that the users can get from your competitors.

7) Show product availability

How would you feel if you spend a considerable amount of time on a website reading about a product and placing an order for it, only to realize later that the product is out of stock? It will not go down in your memory as an excellent shopping experience. So, you don’t want the same happening to your customers. If you have an item that is out of stock, make sure that you clearly label it or remove it from the list. If the item is in stock, add it to the description. This way, the shopper can proceed with confidence.

8) Skip the jargon

Some web designers tend to promote the use of jargon. However, this can be counterproductive if you are using the kind of language that your user might not understand. Try to keep it simple and give the shoppers what they are looking for. Even if you know and can learn a lot of jargon, keep in mind that you are designing these websites for a wider audience and you have to use vocabulary that everyone understands.

9) Provide a clear checkout page

Clarity and easy navigation are crucial in providing good user experience. So your checkout page should be free of any distractions which may act as a hindrance for the shopper to complete the purchase. Certain websites might continue to give suggestions or details about available products at this point and therefore interfere with the client’s purchase. Make the whole process simple, and your customers can shop with ease.

10) Work on Trust

People happen to buy things that they can trust from the vendors they trust. As a result, it is critical to acquire the trust of your clients. For shoppers to believe you, make sure that all the information you provided on your website is 100% genuine and accurate. Also, ensure that everything from your dispatch to delivery is solid so that the shoppers can be hassle free.
Adhere to the tips listed above to convert the visitors of your website into buyers. Remember, efficient web design ends with sufficient sales.

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