Top content marketing trends you can’t ignore in 2020!

Top Content Marketing Trends You Can't ignore in 2020

Top Content Marketing Trends You Can’t ignore in 2020


2020 is here with thrilling opportunities where you have room to conquer content marketing with novel techniques. This year is all about your marketing strategies revolving around what attracts your customer, what they think of your brand, and what will convince them into buying your product/services.


  • Search intent is our friend

We all have an idea about Google’s hint to search intent, but how do we implement this? These updates to Google’s algorithms have put search intent in the centre of the stage. The search engine now is more equipped towards providing the right answers to the right type of customers. You have to cater to each type of query with your content: informational, navigational, commercial investigation, and transactional.

Search intent is our good friend because now it is our driving force behind content marketing strategy. SEO professionals may now produce the content that is relevant to mapped keywords and content tailored to what the searcher is trying to find through that keyword. This also means variety in your content…


  • Add variables to your content

Content can come in different forms, not everyone would like to go through image-less content, and some may prefer to view a video that encapsulates just what’s written in the text. People want to view different types of content, depending on their preference or situation they’re in. Some information may have a better impact if conveyed through video; some facts would catch more eyes if displayed on infographics.

When it comes to images, it’s a better impression to your customer if they are high quality, colourful and creative.


  • Topic-focused content and brand authority

Google has gone a little far here and considers the page within the context of the whole site. Through this, pillar content is a way to achieve a better ranking. Create wider content covering several sub-topics under the theme of one topic. It’s a chance to dive deeper into the main topic.

The key is E.A.T.: posting content that directly relates to what your audience is looking for paves the way to value-packed content. 2020 is the time to look for trendy topics and generate content that presents another perspective of that topic. It deepens your relationship with the customer, builds brand authority and develops trust for your brand.


  • Guest posting is way more influential than you think

Building a relationship with your customer has been stressed upon a lot, and it does a lot about your brand image. Guest posting in this context is going to favour your brand if you effectively leverage it. Prioritizing and strengthening relationships with your customer through this technique is significant.

Your brand authority is nourished when you write for those publications whose readers reflect your target audience. It is constructive for your company even if it does not generate any backlinks.


  • Bring feedback into effective action!

Creating content-based on what they want to see, as opposed to what you want to produce has become an indispensable way of working now. Pro SEO professionals are more inclined towards what the audience has to say to them about their brand. The gap between the audience’s opinions and brand’s deliverance needs to be filled immediately. Familiarise with them through polls and surveys. What they consider is valuable will prove to be valuable for your brand!


  • Offer content, fit for a Multi-Channel approach

Multi-channel approach refers to being present on multiple channels because your customer’s journey does not start and end on the same device. Customize your content according to whatever channel they are navigating from. Content should be broken down into chunks for multiple platforms for the target audience there too view it. This is a great way of getting more eyes on your brand, click here to get excellent assistance in PR and content through a digital agency.


  • Get hold of content through Content Optimization Tools

Last but not least: leveraging the correct tools in the correct way.

There are content tools that can aid you to write search engine optimised content. Articles need to be engaging, click-worthy and keyword optimized. Best content tools include Yoast, Hubspot and Grammarly, BuzzSuma. Get the best assistance in SEO through a competent digital agency.

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